Aww …Coconuts.

Dear Diary,

So today, Matthew sat at the table drinking coconut milk for the first time. He usually drinks almond milk, but we were out so he deemed the coconut milk a suitable replacement. After a few sips, he looked disgusted and said rather loudly and matter-of-factly, “Mom, this milk tastes like fart.” Well, I guess that’s that. No more coconut milk for him.

We are getting ready to head off to Disney World next weekend. The kids have never been on a plane, so we’ve been talking about the “rules” and “expectations” for the trip, so they know what to expect. I’m thinking of getting Matthew a little flip book notebook so we can draw pictures so he’ll know what to expect. The more prep for him, the better. Today, we practiced getting shoes off and on quickly to go thru security at the airport. I wondered what it must be like for these little humans growing up in a world where no one trusts anyone else.

We’ve resumed filming for “The Little Blue House At The End of The Street.” We’ve had a ton of people asking us when we would be back, so…here we are! The newest episode will be published tomorrow night. Check back tomorrow night for a link!

Till Next Time,


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