A “Cold” Wind Blows

Dear Diary,

Saturday as I sat in the warm sunshine watching my kids play soccer, enjoying the cool breeze flutter across my skin and lift bits of my hair, a little piece inside me was filled with dread. “Allergies are coming.” I thought ominously. And sure enough, 48 hours later, the sore throat and sniffles hit for both Jadon and I. It’s been growing worse over today. Jadon, of course, is having a harder time and it’s aggravating his asthma. I’m trying to keep it together, but he had to miss his acting class, school, and his youth group today. It makes me so frustrated when he misses out on this stuff that he so badly wants to do because he has asthma. I pray constantly that he will grow out of it someday and shudder to think that he will never be able to live life without having to experience the fear that comes with not being able to breathe.

Well, today’s is a short one because I’m going to get back to my Grey’s Anatomy marathon and box of tissues. *sniffle*cough* Here’s to hoping this passes for all of us soon.

Till Next Time,


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