Falling and Nesting

Dear Diary,

Oh my goodness! I’ve been so very busy “baby dreaming” that I completely forgot that it’s almost time for me to decorate my home for Falll! Ack! Every September, I lug out my “fall decor” boxes and hope to give Mother Nature a hint about the weather by coating my home in autumn. I just love it. It’s fabulous. So despite what the thermometer outside tells me, I’m going to brew myself a hot mug of cider and decorate! Woo hoo!


I’ve been getting a lot of folks asking “When do we get to see pictures of the nursery???” I’ve posted a couple “sneak peeks” here and there and I promise you, I’m almost done with it! Hopefully this week I will be able to put the finishing touches on her little room and then take some photos and show them off. You’re going to love it!!


My nesting is getting out of control, people. Like seriously. I’ve re-done or AM re-doing nearly every room in the house! My magical painting fairy has been over here 3 times to paint the family room, kitchen, fireplace room, hallway and Miss E’s room. And now I’m looking at paint colors for our Master Bedroom. I’ve been getting new furniture and re-designing my spaces. I’m in LOVE with how it’s all turning out! Maybe once I’m “done” (is anyone ever really “done” decorating their house tho?), I’ll have to post photos.


Well, this blog is going to be short and sweet, I’ve got some things to finish up before the end of the weekend and I’d like to spend some time with my amazing Husband. Love you, TJ.


Till Next Time,



One thought on “Falling and Nesting

  1. I too, am a fan of willing the weather to change by letting the calendar (not the thermostat) define my activities. I think it is a quirk of desert life–we expect and demand a full four-season year even if the climate is only interested in giving us two. So, Pumpkin Spice Latte when it’s still 100 degrees outside? Yep, I’m doing it, and no one can stop me. :p

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