Dear Diary,

Hormotional: the extremely emotional result of an overwhelming amount of hormones. Pregnant ladies are especially susceptible.


Hormotional. That’s a great word to describe me lately. If you read my last blog, you know how “hormotional” I got the night after the kids’ first day of school. There have been many times in my pregnancies when my hormones have gotten the best of me, over seemingly silly things. When I was pregnant with Jadon, I decided to watch Titanic and The Notebook for the first time. Bad, bad, bad idea. I sobbed, literally sobbed, for hours. It was pitiful. Then I burned the cheese on top of a pasta bake one time and I cried. A lot. Poor Tim was not sure what to do with me. I’ve cried over commercials, songs, tv shows…you name it. The other night, we were in the car driving home from something and there was one of those tiny little moths flying around in the car. I waved it away and Tim snorted like it went up his nose. I looked at him just in time to see him inhale through his nose and swallow. I thought he’d swallowed the moth. I almost cried. Then he told me he was kidding and I laughed so hard, I almost cried again. Then yesterday… yesterday takes the cake for “hormotional” moments… Read on, and really, it’s okay if you laugh.

I feel like I’m at the Disney Store a LOT. Most of the employees recognize the kids and I, we know every section and all the tricks and fun things about the store…. or so I thought. Evidently there’s a time in the store when the lights go out and all the employees run around in “fake panic” mode saying that Tinkerbell has become lost and the kids have to rub their hands together to create enough pixie dust to bring her back. I’ve never been around for this before so it was new to me. So I’m standing next to the cash register watching Matthew amuse himself with a light-up toy when the lights go out. I look around and see the employees scurrying around in their “faux-distress” and I start crying because I have no idea what was going on. I bit my lip hard to try to stop the tears as I try to hear what the employees are telling everyone. “Tinkerbell is lost guys, oh no! What are we gonna do? She’s lost!” That did it. The tear-damn broke and there I was, pregnant and bawling in the Disney store over that lost little Pixie. I just kept thinking, “How SAD?! She’s lost! So sad.” It was pathetic. Thankfully the kids in the store and the employees were able to conjure up enough Pixie dust to bring her back and just as I had stopped crying, the lights went back on and cheers resounded all over the store. Mostly from employees and sound recordings. the kids seemed more confused than anything else. Cue one final flood of tears, this time out of joy for the recovered Pixie. I quickly wiped my eyes and hoped to high heaven that no one had seen that. I grabbed Matthew and off we went before any more Disney characters wandered off and caused store-wide panic. Sheesh.

Well, I’ve made it to 33 weeks! And Tim’s side of the closet is looking better and better. I love having an excuse to wear his clothes. They smell so good 🙂


Till Next Time, (if the hormones haven’t killed me!)



One thought on “Hormotional

  1. Ok Smidgen…you’ve had BOTH of us sobbing…remembering those first days and the feelings of loss of that moment in time when we had each little one all to ourselves. I remember feeling robbed, un-empowered, de-throned…left out. Alone.

    Motherhood is hard and painful…sometimes thankless. The rewards for learning to swim UP that stream are endless and remarkably beautiful…life-changing. Life-giving…back to the birth-er.

    You have captured all of that with your unbridled sharing of your emotions! Bravo! Then you gave us the hilarity we needed with your candor in ‘Hormotional’!! Crazy good!

    Tim’s support of you in the midst of HIS emotions is such a classic Tim-thing! Props to you Tim! We are so thankful for you.

    Your writing is personal, true, raw, real and…perfectly YOU! Ministering truth! We love you beyond words!

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