Lip (Dis)Service

Dear Diary,

Gah, I have the best of intentions when it comes to keeping up with blogs, believe me. But my execution needs work obviously. Here’s a quick update on my life as it stands right now:

Pregnancy is going well! We are having a little girl, Elizabeth Rose. Jadon picked out the name before we were even pregnant so we were delighted to find that since it’s a girl, we can use the name he picked. He’s pretty proud that he chose the name, and Baby E will always have a cool little fact about herself that her biggest brother named her. I am now nearly 23 weeks along in my pregnancy and my bump is finally growing. It always takes me awhile to pop, but now there’s no sucking it in, my bump is there to stay…well, for the next few months anyway. She is growing more and more active in there and it’s fun to sit or lay and watch her dance around in my belly. I can’t wait till she’s born and I can hold her.

Let’s see…oh! Wedding stuff!

So my little sister is getting married on Thursday. Very surreal, but we are excited for her and her fiance. I had to have my bridesmaid dress altered a bit to fit my growing bump, but I picked it up today and the seamstress did a good job and my bump and I will be properly outfitted for the nuptials this week. It’s hard to believe that Aly is getting married. I remember sitting around daydreaming about the men we would marry and now it’s actually happening. It will be cool to have a sister joining the ranks of “wifehood” along with me. šŸ™‚

Speaking of wedding, unlike most bridesmaids, I have not been trying to maintain my figure or lose weight to fit into my dress. Instead, I’ve just been trying to keep from getting pimples on my face or weird bruises on my legs. Yeah… I failed. Hard core. I had one job. ONE! *sigh* Well, a couple days ago, I woke up with that old familiar tingling on the corner of my lip…my stomach dropped as I got up and began frantically looking for my Abreva. A cold sore. GAH. I’ve been getting them since I was little. They are usually brought on by stress or a high fever. Well, this time it had to have been stress since I’ve been fever free. I was hoping to have caught it early enough that perhaps the Abreva would shrink that demon back into the dark pit from whence it came. I tore through my medicine cabinet for anything else that might help my stupid lip. I found mt Tea Tree Oil. I did a quick search on google and the things I read, told me that applying TTO would help dry out the sores and speed healing. FANTASTIC! It’d been awhile since I’d used it (before I got pregnant) but I slathered it on my lip and went on with my day hoping it would help. All day I kept reapplying the oil and scrutinizing my lips for any sign of blisters. Later that day, I felt it…a SECOND cold sore growing on my upper lip in the same corner as the other one. SERIOUSLY?!?! Lord help me. I was livid. I rubbed more tea tree oil onto the spot and prayed they would go away! I went to sleep that night, sure I was going to kick this. When I woke up the next morning, my face felt…funny,…and itchy. Really itchy. I got up and looked at the mirror in horror as the left lower half of my face was swollen and rashy. WHAT THE HECK?! Well, I definitely had an allergic reaction to the Tea Tree Oil. Or I overdosed on it. “Everything in moderation.” Yeah…I am not so keen on that phrase when it comes to fixing a problem. I washed my face and tried not to cry. The wedding was in 3 days, what was I going to do?? I let my poor face dry and put some hydrocortisone cream on it to help with the itching and swelling. Didn’t help. I put some Desitin on it. Helped a little with the itching. Then I iced my face at breakfast and tried to think what else I could do. I felt like Hitch…

HITCH! …Benadryl. Okay, plan acquired. We went to Target and I got some. Couldn’t find any non-drowsy kind, so I bought the regular kind…which usually knocks me out. But hey, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. I took it as soon as we got in the car and we finished our errands. I watched the rash and swelling over the course of the day slowly recede. Thank GOD! Sheesh! By the time it was time for bed, all that remained on my face was a little tiny bit of swelling in the corner of my mouth and a faint rash under the left side of my bottom lip. I went to bed and breathed easy thinking, “Whew! Dodged a bullet there.” Then I woke up this morning. Rash was back and so was the swelling, though not quite as bad as yesterday, but my lips were numb. Ain’t nobody got time for that!Ā Ā I iced my face this morning and took more Benadryl before heading out on our errands this morning. As I got on the freeway, I could feel the Benadryl kicking in and I got SO sleepy. So we stopped at Dutch Bros for some coffee to wake me back up so we could run our errands. We bought my sister a wedding present, bought some groceries and picked up my dress. By the time we were done and on our way home, my lips had feeling once again and the rash was looking better. Good gracious what a mess. So I guess I’ll be packing the Benadryl and an ice pack to take with me to the cabins for the wedding. I swear, if this is how Botox feels, I pass. Ridiculous.


On top of all that hullaballoo yesterday, I was ridiculously hormonal and emotional after having a bad “baby dream” the night before. I was in a funk from that and the Benadryl all day. Tim went off to Kawanis park to go play some Spikeball with friends at the sand volleyball courts to help them get ready for their tournament. He left just as we were all laying down to take naps so it was like he never left, because he got home before we woke up. As I was making dinner, I asked him how Spikeball went. He said they didn’t have quite enough people to really be able to play so they sort of improvised and made do with who they had. Then they decided to play sand volleyball with some people that were playing there for the rest of the time. Immediately, I thought a few things that were a bit irrational (I blame the hormones). Firstly, I thought, “Why didn’t he call me? I wanna play volleyball! No fair.” Then I thought, “Psh…I bet he was over there playing volleyball with hot girls in bikinis while his fat pregnant pale wife with cellulite was at home in PJs sleeping.” I kept my mouth shut and didn’t say anything to him about it, but he could tell something was up. I was pretty quiet the rest of the night trying to battle my thoughts which seemed out of my control and completely irrational. I was irritated. I’m not usually like this, always on the verge of tears over something stupid. I hate it. Must be all the extra estrogen. *sigh* Thankfully, I talked to Tim about it today and he was more than understanding and we had a good laugh about it. So I’m all better there…for now.

mood swing

Well, I’ve got a lot to get done today, so I’ll sign off for now šŸ™‚

Till Next Time,



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