Things I Thought I Knew

Dear Diary,

Yes, I’m sorry it’s been awhile since I’e written. I’ve had a crazy couple weeks. I did wind up making the call to the therapist and she advised me to think about whether I want to do group therapy, solo therapy or both. Then she gave me the number of the lady in my area who organizes the groups etc. I’m torn. Can’t decide what would be best for me. In group settings, I would feel more accountable, but I have the habit of falling into a “helper” role instead of the “helpee” (is that even a word? doubtful.) and I’m sure I would probably be pretty quiet, listening to other people and brainstorming what I would do in their shoes instead of focusing on my own treatment. I don’t know. I need to think on this a bit. I do appreciate very much all the people I had checking up on me to make sure I called. Thank you!

In other news, more happy news, I am now 17 weeks pregnant. Hooray! We had our first and likely only ultrasound today to see baby and take measurements and determine gender etc. Here’s a photo! 551402_10152741928670416_1817717398_n


So cute!! I should have results from my midwife next week, but I think all looks good. The ultrasound tech was able to see if we are having a boy or girl, but we are going to wait till our gender reveal party to find out, so she wrote it on a piece of paper and folded it up and handed it to my husband who has self-control in spades. He will seal it in an envelope and tomorrow it will be mailed to our cake lady who will be baking us a beautiful cake to cut open and see pink or blue on the day of the party! Should be fun 🙂

As this pregnancy progresses and I learn more and more, I keep running into things I thought I knew about, only to discover…I knew nothing. Or at the very least, too little. Like breastfeeding for example. I thought I knew how. It’s simple, right? Put baby on boob and off you go…right? Nope. It’s not really that simple. At least it wasn’t for me. But I never bothered to learn much about it, so when I encountered issues, not knowing what to do, I quit. I don’t regret my choices, but I will certainly be making different ones this time around. I am actually looking forward to breastfeeding instead of feeling like it’s a bothersome obligation. Also, it’s free! Which is always nice. Formula can be expensive. I’ve been reading from and chatting with mommies who are breastfeeding champs and learning a TON of stuff I never knew! Good stuff. I’m feeling much more equipped to handle this next one.

Next installment of this blog will cover use of Stadol and Cytotec in labor. I had some questions from friends about it and decided this is the best format for addressing them 🙂 Stay tuned!


Till Next Time,



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