Antique-Bliss in Seattle

Dear Diary,

When Tim and I got married, it was only a week or before Christmas, so we went up to Flagstaff for a few days, came back for Christmas and then went on our second half of the honeymoon. We took off for Seattle. Oh that reminds me, I’ve got a story about our plane ride for next time…

So while we were in Seattle, we stayed at a hotel about a half mile from Pike Place. We stayed at this hotel:

The Camlin Hotel, Seattle, WA


It was a beautiful old hotel that had been refurbished. It was amazing. And every morning before we set out to explore, we got breakfast here at Seattle Bagel:

It was a cute, warm and cozy little place and they had the best bagels. On our first morning, we decided to wander down to Pike Place and on the way we ducked into several antique stores. There was one in particular, you had to climb up a couple steps and nearly turn sideways to get through the door.

It wasn’t this one, but you can see the store front from here…it’s about 3 doors down.

Inside was heaven. Dark walls, dark furniture and loads of old dusty beautiful books and relics from days gone by. There was not really a rhyme or reason to it, there was no theme recurring that tied all the objects together, except for the fact that they were all old. I was in paradise. I wanted all of it.

Over the next few years, I found myself gravitating towards black wooden furniture, old books and dark walls. Lots of old world charm. Deep, rich and earthy colors mixed with some gilded accents here and there. I like my home to feel like you’ve stepped into a cozy antique shop. I’m not done collecting yet, but I will be someday. Coincidentally, I’m also a HUGE fan of old houses. I find them charming, cozy and romantic. I’m hoping my next house will be an old one. Of course, I like the convenience of newer homes, so maybe what I need is the best of both worlds…a professionally renovated old house. Fingers crossed!

Look forward to writing about one of the only times I was ever actually embarrassed. It was on a plane…on my honeymoon.


Till Next Time,



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