Do you believe in ghosts?

Dear Diary,

Well I’ve had a few people ask me to blog about my experiences with the supernatural, paranormal, etc. Grab a blanket…

*turns off light and flips on flashlight and holds up to face…

Once upon a time on a night much like this one, it was raining….just kidding.

But for real,…

It all started when I was about 7 months pregnant with my daughter. I was asleep in bed with my husband. Suddenly I woke up and looked out the doorway to our room. I saw a toddler (who I thought was our two year old son) walk in front of the doorway dragging a blanket behind him and then walk away into the laundry room. I instantly got chills and the hair on my neck was standing on end. But I figured it was just our little guy sleepwalking like his dad used to do as a child. I woke up my husband and asked him to go get our son and take him back to his bed. He looked puzzled but got up and went into the laundry room. “Jadon isn’t in here sweetheart.” He said. I was baffled. I had been watching the laundry room entrance the whole time. I hadn’t seen him leave. My husband went to our sons room across the house and there he was, sound asleep under the blankets in his bed. Eerie. But wait… There’s more. I dismissed this occurrence as “pregnancy brain” and went on with my life. Several months later after our daughter was born I was in the shower while the kids were down for a nap. I was rinsing out my hair when I head footsteps. Little running footsteps. I opened my eyes, heard a giggle and saw a little boy (not in the clothes my son was wearing) in a red shirt and jean shorts running across my bathroom into the closet. Strangely I was not freaked out. This has happened several times over the last 5 years since the first time. I’m never really freaked out by him and he has aged some. He now seems to be 4. He always runs by when I’m in the shower like he’s chasing something. The most recent encounter I’ve had was one morning when My husband and I were asleep. My two oldest kids (5 and 3) came in to wake is up. It was still dark in our room and from the bathroom light behind them, all I could make out was their silhouette. They came in and stood on my husbands side of the bed. He was awake but didn’t open his eyes. I told them both to go potty and then i would turn on a show for them in our room. I told my older son to let his little sister use our bathroom and for him to use his down the hall. He just stood there so I repeated myself and he turned and went down the hall. My daughter went into our bathroom. I sat up waiting for them to return. My son came back and sat on the floor waiting. After a minute, he said, “hey mom can you turn on a show?” I said, “well lets wait for your sister”. He turned around and said, “she’s still asleep mom.” I said, ” no she isn’t, I saw her go in my bathroom.” I got out of bed to check on her. My poor daughter has fallen asleep sitting on the toilet before, so that’s what I expected. I got to the bathroom and it was empty. I quickly went to her room and there she was. Asleep. I had been watching the whole time since my son had come in with who I thought was my daughter.

Other experiences:

My firstborn used to get night terrors and when I would go running to his room because he was screaming bloody murder at 3am, the room was always ice cold and he was staring at the same corner in the room every damn time. I’ve no doubt he has seen things. He is an old soul. When we moved from that house, the night terrors stopped.

About a week after moving into our current house, my husband and I were laying in bed about to fall asleep when we both heard glass shatter. We sat straight up in bed, hair bristling on the backs of our necks. I was sure we were getting broken into. My husband got up and checked the house. Nothing. Then I go up and we both searched Every window every room everything. No broken glass. It sounded as though someone had taken a large glass vase and thrown it to the ground. It was so loud. But we never found anything broken. Three nights later, I heard it again. My husband was asleep that time already and didn’t hear it, but I woke him so he could help me check. Again, nothing. Then it never happened again.

For the first couple years of being in this house, I would hear people talking. If I was upstairs, I could hear them downstairs and visa versa. I could hear them walking up and down my stairs thumps and creaks and all. They never really scared me, their voices were pleasant and conversational. But here’s the weird part, I only heard them when my husband was gone. Like clockwork, he would leave for work or to go out and then a few minutes later…bam.

I’ve also heard a crying baby in my house. It always stopped the moment I got up to investigate. Weird.

I’ve been followed by something in my house. Not sure what it was, but it scared the crap out of me. It followed me around all day one day making noises behind me: opening and shutting cupboards and drawers, moving things slightly on the counters, etc. only happened once but it lasted for nearly 6 hours. My kids didn’t notice anything and I didn’t try to call their attention to it.


In the last few months, I’ve not had anything like that happen. I used to not believe in ghosts or things like that, but my experience tells me there are definitely things happening that we cannot see. Prayer has helped me a lot to have peace and not fear.


Till Next Time,



2 thoughts on “Do you believe in ghosts?

  1. Holy crap!!! I’d be calling a paranormal expert. Somethings are def attached to your family. wow. I’m freaked just reading that. Your def brave!

  2. Wow! Crazy stuff…something must be drawn to you and your family for some reason. Do things ever follow you away from home, or are your experiences limited to being inside the house?

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