Irritation….and a LOT of it.

Dear Diary,

Ugh….this morning started off okay, a trip to Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and a trip to the mall. The kids were doing pretty good up until lunch when none of them wanted the food I bought them at the food court. But I was determined not to let it get to me (despite the good money I shelled out for it) and was going to relax and have fun. Then little by little, it all started unraveling. It was just falling apart bit by bit. One snide comment here, one passive aggressive action there. I was trying to stay on top of it, but was quickly becoming irritated at them. Then we went to the play place and it got worse. I try to be the considerate parent at the play place who actually monitors my kids, not just sits on my phone while they wreak havoc. So in an effort to make it a safe place to play for all, I asked Jadon and Lilly not to run. I explained to them why and reminded them that they needed to think about others and not run. Yeah…that didn’t work. At all. They ran and ran. I reminded them and said if I had to ask them again, that we would leave. No sooner had I turned around and sat down then Jadon was off running again. That was it. I got up and went over to Jadon and said, “Jadon, what did I say? I said no running! That’s it, we’re leaving.” He decided to try to argue and say “tag” was the only game he could play. Bad idea. It only made me more upset. I hissed that he better go get his shoes on NOW if he knew what was good for him. I’d had it. He began to throw a fit and I told him to not even start this with me.  I probably looked like this…

We got shoes on and he stomped and pouted the whole way out to the car. Embarrassing. And irritating. So irritating. So we went home and I put them down for naps. This took forever. and ever. and ever. because no one wanted to sleep. No one in my house wanted to sleep but me. And I needed a nap. I was running with my patience levels on “E” and I needed a nap bad. Well, they finally went to sleep. So I went off to lay down and wouldn’t you know it? I was too exhausted to sleep. Then, just as I was drifting off to sleep… they all woke up. I wanted to cry. But I thought, “Well, maybe a nap helped them at least.” No such luck. They were back at it: not listening, being obnoxious, throwing fits and asking for things over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over…no matter what I say, they won’t listen. So I put them to work. Nothing some chores can’t fix right? Wrong. They just laid on the floor in protest. Seriously?! Whose kids are these???? Certainly not mine who generally love chores. I don’t know what has gotten into them. So last resort, I thought, “Okay fine, I’ll just turn on the TV for a few minutes. I need a break before I blow a gasket.” And wouldn’t you know it? We can’t find the remote anywhere. The house is clean and the remote is nowhere to be found. *sigh* So I sent them to go play in the playroom while I have a few minutes to myself. Well, Lilly went to sulk in her room, Jadon is running around yelling and carrying on like a banshee, and Matthew is sitting, yes sitting, on my head. His foot keeps grazing the keyboard as I’m typing. But hallelujah!!! My husband a.k.a. Superman just called and he is on his way home. Told him if he finds my sanity sitting and looking forlorn and abandoned on the side of the road, to stop and pick it up for me. He laughed, but I was serious. Well, I should go, I’m pretty sure I smell poop and all I’m saying is it better be the one still in diapers.

Till Next Time,



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