Scrubbing to the Rescue

Dear Diary,

Today was just one of those days. I foolishly skipped breakfast, opting for coffee instead. I know, I know, dumb idea. So already I was feeling cruddy from that. Then the kids decided today was the day to break everything. No sooner had I gotten one mess clean, then they had broken something else. Ugh. I was getting fed up. So were my kids. They were fed up with me. I don’t blame them, I wasn’t exactly the role model they needed today. I was short tempered and mad all day. So I decided to take a break and take them up to town to do some shopping. I had the best intentions. Got all the way to the mall (about 35 minutes away) and parked the car and looked in my purse only to realize…. I had forgotten my wallet…at home. I groaned and banged my head on the steering wheel for a minute. The kids were understandably disappointed, but we had no choice, we had to go back home. So we turned around and drove all the way home. Guess Tim will have to run my errands on the way home. (Sorry hun 😦 ) So we got home and everything started to fall apart again. Kids were grouchy and not napping. I was getting more and more irritated by the minute. I needed a break. Badly. My anxiety was starting to get the best of me. I felt pathetic, I couldn’t even handle a day of simple stresses. This isn’t like me, I’m always cool under stress. Ugh. Not lately. It’s getting better slowly, but I’ve got good days and bad days. I turned on the TV for the kids and went upstairs. I found my body scrub, ring cleaner and lotion and sat down on the bench in my bathroom. I took of my rings and using ring cleaner and an old tooth brush, I scrubbed them until they were super shiny and set them on a towel to dry. Then I wet my hands and used some scrubby stuff  and scrubbed away…

Got this at Ulta for only 5 bucks!

It felt so nice to just scrub my hands. Then I washed and scrubbed my footsies too! Afterward, I rinsed off and my hands and feet were SO silky smooth. Perfection…almost. I needed to finish off with some lotion. I ran out of my usual footsie lotion. It’s “Shea It Isn’t So” foot lotion from Bath and Body Works. I love that because it’s got peppermint in it which is very calming and it feels amazing on my feet. So today I just used my go-to everyday lotion. Eos. Love this stuff.

Eos lotion! This stuff is AMAZING!

When you buy one, there’s usually a $3 off coupon attached to it, and Walgreen’s puts this on sale for around $4.50 (reg about $7) so you can get is SUPER cheap! It’s amazing stuff and I actually use it as my face lotion too. The bottle lasts for awhile too which is nice.  So I lathered my hands and feet in this stuff, put my rings back on and sat for a minute to breathe and examine my beautifully smooth and blingy, sparkly hands. Total time taken? about 10 minutes. Totally worth it because I felt SO much more relaxed. I came back downstairs and immediately the kids were at it again, screaming, crying, fighting, you name it! But those few minutes of pampering went the extra mile I needed to be able to step away from the situation, relax and come back feeling a little better equipped to deal. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go wipe noses and tears and get back to the general chaos of the day. *sigh* At least I’ve got silky smooth hands and feet and my rings are shiny and sparkly 😉

Till Next Time,



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