Oh You’ve GOT To Be Kidding Me…

Dear Diary,

Today was a day of “you’ve got to me kidding me”s. Just ridiculous. So we woke up this morning and the kids were SO excited because I’d just bought a canister of hot cocoa mix and they were SO eager to drink it! So I made Lilly and Jadon each a small mug of hot cocoa and put some chocolate milk in a cup for Matthew 🙂 Well, Jadon took two sips and was like, “Oh that’s SO good mom!! Yum!” Then he took another half a sip and said, “Oh that’s enough sugar for me mom. I wanna be healthy.” And he proceeded to eat his granola. You’ve got to be kidding me. Darn hippie. Haha.  Then Lilly took an hour (yes you read that right) to eat her cereal. Which at the end, as you can imagine, was nothing more than schlop. You’ve got to be kidding me. Gross. She still ate it too. So I’m trying to clean up the house for Jadon’s birthday party tonight and the kids are literally coming behind me like tornadoes destroying it all. All of it. Ugh. You’ve got to be kidding me. I tried pausing the housework and playing with them. Then we turned on a movie so they would sit while I was going to try once again to make an attempt to clean. I wound up just snuggling with Matthew. Then Jadon decided it was his turn to snuggle and he eased his way onto my lap and subtly pushed Matthew off. Once Matthew realized what was happening, he let out a war cry of epic proportions and lunged at Jadon. That was it. They were then wrestling and locked in a death grip both yelling about who’s turn it was to snuggle. I intervened eventually once I realized this wasn’t going to resolve it like a good boxing match usually does, and stood them before me. I told Matthew very calmly that he had his turn to snuggle and it was now Jadon’s turn. Matthew turned to Jadon and gave him a death glare and as soon as Jadon climbed up on my lap again, Matthew sat down and started screaming. You’ve GOT to be kidding me. I looked at the clock to see it was already 11:15am. I needed a shower before going to drop the dogs off at the groomers, so I left the kids downstairs with their movie and instructed Jadon to keep an eye on Matthew. He nodded and I bounded upstairs to take a quick shower. Once I was dressed and on my way downstairs, Jadon comes upstairs and says, “Uhhh mom, Matthew got in the pantry while you were in the shower and got that sugar stuff we put on pancakes and stuff (powered sugar) and he spilled it everywhere. I tried to clean it up, but I couldn’t. It’s too sticky.” You’ve got to be kidding me. I ran downstairs to see the time was now 11:45am. I had no time to clean this up before we had to leave, so I rounded up the critters and the dogs and herded them all into the car. Off we went to the groomers for our noon appointment. I dropped off the dogs and as we pulled away, Matthew yelled, “EMMA!” and burst into tears. I gently reminded them the dogs were only there for a bath and haircut and that we would go get them in a bit. He kept screaming. I clutched the wheel till my knuckles were a nice white color. You’ve got to be kidding me. I drove home not looking forward to the mess of sugar and apparently syrup too, that needed to be cleaned up. We got home and I made the kids lunch and sat them down to eat it before I began the cleaning process. My mop was caked with a wet syrup and powdered sugar mixture and so was my floor in the pantry. I sighed and got to work. It had somewhat dried by then, so I scraped off the dried parts and tried to vacuum them with the little vacuum… which wasn’t working right. I stood up and went to empty it thinking that would solve my problem. I opened it and dumped out wet, caked sugar and syrup. I gagged. You’ve got to be kidding me. The more I cleaned that out, the worst it was. The filter was clogged and a mess and the whole inside was crusted with sugar. I took the whole thing apart and washed each part, setting them up by the sink to dry. I heard a loud slap and turned around to see Matthew had fallen face first onto the floor. He looked up at me, blood running out of his mouth. YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!! I dropped the sugary sticky mess and picked him up. Thankfully, his teeth were fine, he must have just bitten his lip when he hit the floor. I cleaned him up, cleaned the vacuum up and cleaned the pantry up. I cleaned for a solid hour. My house is messier now than when I started. You’ve got to be kidding me. I stood back to survey the scene. My sink was now full of dishes from breakfast and lunch, my living room was littered with toys, the only clean part of my kitchen floor was the inside of my pantry. The rest of it was sprinkled heavily with crumbs. I just thought, “Oh I’ll let the dogs help me clean…this…up…oh. I took them to the groomers. No big deal, I’ll just get my trusty hand vacuum…and…oh wait, it’s all wet and in pieces on my counter still drying.” YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. So what did I do? I put lotion on my hands and sat down to blog. *sigh* The kids are running a muck as I write and I’m just trying to breathe. It’s all going to be okay. I think. haha. Well, this has been fun, but I’ve got to go make an attempt and getting all three kids to take a nap…at the same time. Then maybe I can pull this party together before 6:30pm! EEK!


Till Next Time,



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