Homeschooling…So far…

Dear Diary,

Had someone suggest I write about how homeschooling is going so far…so here it goes:

Well, here’s the part where it would be so easy to say, “Oh it’s perfect! We do it daily and the kids just love it and I can’t get enough!”


That would be easy to say, but… it would be a lie. The truth is, it’s hard. It’s tough, especially while I’m struggling with a lack of motivation to do anything, to try to wrangle 3 kids into a room, sit them down, and have them focus. We don’t do it daily like we’re supposed to, there are days when the kids hate it and so do I.

So why do I do it?

Well, I’m still figuring that one out. Mostly, I like having the freedom that comes with it. Some would say, “But Ashley, you’re tied down every day to teaching your kids when you could just put them in school and have the day to yourself.” Well, you’re right. And I think about that a lot, especially in the middle of a lesson and I’m just hankerin’ for a cup of coffee. Ugh. But then I think, we can go to Disneyland whenever we want. We can take trips. Tim’s job offers the opportunity to work overseas for 6 months at a time. So let’s go to Germany or England or even China for 6 months. Why not? That kind of spontaneity is the way I prefer to live my life. But nothing comes without sacrifice…and homeschooling is a sacrifice. Now, that’s not to say I never enjoy it. There are days when I am in my element and loving it. The kids are understanding the concepts and we are moving right along. But then there are days when Jadon is in tears again because he hates writing and I’m making him write. Lilly plays dumb and “forgets” how to write her “B’s” and Matthew is running around and pinching or tickling his siblings and driving us all crazy. Those are the days when I am tempted to call the whole thing off and put them in school. Of course, in dealing with my depression issues, it makes it that much more challenging to find the motivation to do it. Simple things sometimes seem impossible to me and I just collapse and withdraw. I hate that. But that’s the truth.

So, in summation… I have a love/hate relationship with homeschooling right now. Luckily, Jadon isn’t required to “start” school until next fall, so if by then I feel like I’m done… I can be. Until then, I’m giving it the good ol’ college try.


Till Next Time,



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