Olympics Time

Dear Diary,

So since I can remember, something magical happens to me whenever the Olympics come on. I become a very knowledgeable and critical sports commentator. I state very obvious things in a very educated tone, like, “You know, swimming is such good exercise for your cardiovascular system.” (Uh, DUH.) or “Oh man, you know that balance beam is only 4 inches wide, that’s gonna be a tough routine to stick.” (Uh, yeah…DUH!) Haha. I am not sure why I feel like I can judge from my couch. I know nothing. At all. haha. Oh well. Also, there’s something else that happens. Suddenly I am VERY aware of my body fat content. Looking at all these athletes who literally have 0% body fat, and thinking, “Wow, nothing on them jiggles. EVER!” Can’t say the same for myself. So I get motivated! I think, “Okay, so I’ve got some fat and wobbly bits, what can I do about this?” I think for normal people, their first response would be to squeeze into yoga pants and go to hit the gym. My response? Squeeze into yoga pants and hit up the pantry…for cake šŸ™‚ Whoever said “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” has never had chocolate cake. Or nutella. Or a Wendy’s frosty…I could go on, but I digress. Well, it’s okay though because like my friend Christina said, “At least you get to enjoy cake, they don’t!” So true.

So I’ve had a request to begin a blog series on Pregnancy, birth and babies! I think I’m gonna do it! Please send in your questions that you want answered, I can keep them anonymous if you wish, just be sure to specify when you send them. I’ll probably start this blog in a week or so. It will probably have a separate “home” from this one, so stay tuned for the address to check it out.


Till Next Time!



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