Reader’s Choice Part 2

Dear Diary,

Well, we shall continue where we left off!

4.) Tell us about how you got engaged: Tim surprised me at home for breakfast where he’d made me french toast. Then he left me a card, gave me a kiss and left because he had a basketball tournament that day. The note told me to be ready for a special date. I was pretty sure what this date meant 😉 Then later that day, I was taking a bubble bath and my mom came in with chocolates and a card. They were left to my mom from Tim for her to give to me that afternoon. The card said how excited he was for our date and how much he loved me. Then I was all ready for our date. I was wearing a light pink top, black dress pants and high heels. He took me to Tomaso’s Italian Restaurant and immediately I began freaking out. I hadn’t wanted a proposal in front of a bunch of people. But he didn’t propose. In fact, throughout the whole meal, we just made awkward conversation. Felt kind of like a first date. I was so distracted! Then we got back in his car and he said, “Well, guess I’ll take you home.”  I was mad. I mean, it was a nice date and the gestures earlier in the day were nice, but I was hoping for that “question”. Nope. So we got back to my folks and my mom talked to me about my date and asked how it went. I told her nothing had happened and then she and my dad mentioned that I should go look at what they had done in the backyard. They had recently built a gazebo type structure in the backyard so I figured it was something to do with that. I opened the door to the backyard and saw the gazebo strung with a BUNCH of white lights. There was about 4 dozen white roses  in a vase in the corner and there was Tim standing there. I walked up and realized there was music playing from a little CD player in the corner. He asked me to dance. So we danced. Then “Someday My Prince Will Come” (the Babara Streisand version) came on and he told me how God had told him while we were at summer camp (we were dating) that I was the one he was going to marry. He had never told me that and saved it for that moment.

Then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Of course I agreed and a kiss sealed the deal. 🙂

5.) Tell us about Katy, your sister-in-law: I met Katy when she and Tim’s little brother James, were dating. She struck me as quiet and reserved. We got to know each other much better over the next few years despite her living in California part of the time. Then one day, my parents and our family were out to lunch at Texas Roadhouse and we saw James and Katy sitting there. We knew they must have just gotten back from their Disneyland trip, so I went over to say “hi!” Then I saw the ring on her finger. Wow, James did good! I hugged them both and went back to my table. I was pregnant with Lilly during all the  hubbub of Katy’s wedding planning. She and I went on many shopping trips and worked a lot of hours designing everything. We had so much fun 🙂 Sadly, I had to turn down her offer to make me a bridesmaid because I’d had preterm labor issues with Lilly and I wanted Katy’s day to be all about her and not have her or other guests worrying about me standing outside during a June wedding, and I also didn’t want to ruin the day by going into labor standing up! Haha. So she very graciously credited me as the wedding planner in her programs 🙂 I was flattered. She was in the room with me the whole time I was in labor with Lilly. She helped coach me and was one of the first to see my baby girl when she was born. Back when we lived in Chandler, we lived about 20 minutes away from them which was nice. On Sunday afternoons many times, she would call me and ask what I wanted to make for dinner. I’d give her a list of supplies and she and James would go to the store and pick up supplies and she and I would cook Sunday dinner in the kitchen while the boys talked and played with the kids. Good times. I was so bummed out when we moved nearly an hour away from them, as Sunday dinners became out of the question. One night, we had gone out to dinner with some friends and James and Katy. Katy handed me a little cookie box from Paradise Bakery. We both LOVE Paradise Bakery so I was excited to get cookies. But the box felt strangely light. I looked confused and opened the box to find a little onesie and a note that said, “Congrats Auntie!” I burst into happy tears and hugged her across the table. Over the nearly 8 years that I’ve known Katy, there have been 2 weddings, 5 babies, spa days, a Vegas trip, a Cali trip and too many shopping trips to count. She has truly become more than a sister-in-law to me. I call her my “sister” and I am so glad we get to spend our lives together as sisters. She is always there for me and is the first to tell me the honest truth, even if it’s painful. I appreciate her. Love you, Sisterface! 🙂

6.) Blog about those awesome black doors!   Well,…..okay you’ve twisted my arm. They are done! Vinyls and all! Here are the photos!

Front door

Master Bedroom doors

Laundry door

Downstairs Hallway

Aren’t the just divine?? I love them. I absolutely LOVE them! And I am proud of myself for finding a project on Pinterest like painting doors black. I did it! Then I went a step farther and added my own personal spin on them by adding the vinyls! Here’s where I got them, she has an Etsy store and she also does custom orders. She is fast and amazing!

Check her out!

Till Next Time,



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