Reader’s Choice

Dear Diary,

Well I asked my readers what I should blog about and here we go…

1.) What is your favorite childhood memory?   My favorite childhood memory was touching a dolphin at Sea World. I felt like I could have died happy after that. I barely touched it’s nose, but I for SURE touched a dolphin. This was when I was going through the whole “future dolphin trainer/activist” phase.

2.) What is your favorite holiday tradition?   My favorite holiday tradition right now, is “Thanksmas.” We celebrate this holiday between Thanksgiving and Christmas with friends we have known a long time. Some 10 years and longer. Mostly they are buddies from high school who we’ve kept in contact with over the years. Each person brings a different dish (we always do the Turkey) and we gather around our big antique table with mismatched chairs, raise our glasses and celebrate us and how much we enjoy each other. Then we play games and relive high school basketball games long into the night.

3.) Write about your wedding.    Well, I woke up on an air mattress in my room on my wedding day. My room was bare except for a few things I needed for that day and some things my eager little sister had put into her “future room.” I vividly remember shedding a few hot tears as I fell asleep that last night thinking about how this was to be my last night in my own room. I woke up and ate breakfast and then waited for my flower girl to get to my house because I was going to do her hair. After I did her hair, I ate lunch and then got to work doing my hair and make-up. I don’t remember much about that. Then I got my dress on and my mom wrapped me in a sheet and shoved me and my HUGELY poofy dress into the car. We drove to downtown Tempe onto the ASU campus where we took some pre-wedding photos. I remember being honked at a lot since we did some shooting right on University Drive in front of an old chapel. Then we stuffed me back into the car and drove to the church. I walked around inspecting everything before being banished to an upstairs classroom so I wouldn’t be seen. I remember the clock crawling slowly as the sun finally set. Then we put shoes, my garter and the veil on. I did a last minute make-up touch-up. Then there were hugs all around. I remember my father-in-law Elmon coming up to see me. He had a big smile and told me how beautiful I looked. He looked so handsome in his uniform. My mom straightened my dad’s tie. He was looking quite dapper too. And everyone shed a tear or two as they hugged me and wished me luck. We figured things downstairs has started, but our “wedding planner” hadn’t come for us yet. My mom went downstairs to check and was immediately ushered down the aisle by my dad. Good timing! The rest of us came down and all the groomsmen smiled at me and gave a thumbs up. Our friend Micah gave me a gentle hug so as not to “muss” me up and said, “Ash! You look BEAUTIFUL!” Then my music started and the doors opened. I grabbed my dad’s arm and I looked all the way down the aisle to see Tim beaming at me with tears in his eyes. I wish someone had taken a photo of him. He looked so happy. He mouthed, “I love you.” as I walked down the aisle to “Air on a G String”. Of course I did this perfectly because I’d been practicing since I was about 3. Got to the front and my dad made a brief speech and handed Tim a “key” (to my heart) and told him to take care of me. Then he kissed me and say down. My father-in-law who officiated our wedding, did an awesome job. It was personal, intimate and full of joy. Just how we had wanted it. Tim teared up quite a bit during the ceremony and I was making faces at him to try to get him to smile. Then we sang a hymn, did communion, lit some candles and prayed. I got ahead of the “prompts” on my vows which we wrote ourselves because I was excited. Then came “the kiss.” He lingered a bit. Which I was glad about because I didn’t want a lame peck. Then we were announced as “Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Krupnik.” After the ceremony, we took the obligatory photos with everyone and then began the reception. Had dances with our parents and cut the cake. Then we left in a Hummer H1. My wedding was Christmas themed, with Christmas trees. Little pine sprigs were attached to the napkin at each place setting which was centered with a mirror, beads that looked like cranberries and a candle. Poinsettias were here and there and my colors were red and white. I loved our wedding, but the Mrs. thing didn’t set in until the 2nd day of our honeymoon. We were in Flagstaff and we went shopping in downtown. My nose started running like crazy and Tim ran into a shop to buy my some kleenex. He came back with the biggest smile on his face and handed me the kleenex. He said, “I just referred to you as my wife!” He had mentioned what he had needed the rather girlish kleexex for to the ladies in the store. We laughed, but that’s when it hit me. I love my title as “wife.”

Well these are all I’ve got time for tonight, I’ve got 3 more coming next time I write 🙂


Till Next Time,



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