A Little Relaxation

Dear Diary,

Well this morning, my children whom I love very dearly woke me up at 5:45am. I wasn’t thrilled. But hey, I’m getting used to it. Slowly. I sent them to the loft to color and read while I took a shower. Sidenote: I HATE cleaning my shower. I wait and wait to do it, and then it starts to look a bit scary and it takes even longer to clean. It’s so irritating. So Tim and I came up with a solution. Keep a scrubby brush and some cleaner in the shower. All the time. Then at the end of a shower, we take 5 minutes to spray and scrub and rinse. It gets clean that way almost daily so it’s always clean 🙂 Yay!
Anyway, so I took my shower and got my PJs back on and braided my hair. Then we had donuts and milk for breakfast. After that, the kids went off to the playroom while Tim and I each made ourselves a nice cup of coffee and retreated to our new “hangout” spot in the front room.

Tim sits in the green chair and I take the gold one.

So here we sit, and drink our coffee and chat. We talk about plans, we do movie reviews, we tell jokes…you get the idea. It’s our space to just “be”. Charlie curls up at my feet and Emma sits like the little princess she is, on my lap getting pets and ear rubs. Everyone in this space is very happy and calm. Until one of the kids comes in, “Mommy, J.J. took my toy away and I want it!” or “Daddy! Matthew pushed me!” or our favorite, “I’m bored, what can I do??” But for the most part, it’s relatively a quiet calm space to think, talk and drink coffee.

My idea of relaxing at home

Around 9:30am, Tim went upstairs to go get ready for a meeting and the kids were begging me to do some yoga. So I got out the music and we sat in the space in our front room and began our yoga. We are just getting relaxed when I hear a thud and an “uh oh” from the smallest munchkin. I groan as I remember that I’d left my coffee cup with a little coffee still in it, on the end table. Well, yoga got put on pause while I cleaned up the mess. So NOT relaxing. I was trying to continue my deep relaxing breathing, but when you’re cleaning up coffee out of your carpet and your 2 year old is running a muck all over the house, it’s a bit difficult to relax. But I was determined. So I finished mopping up the coffee and went to turn the music back on when I caught the tell-tale whiff of a diaper that needed to be changed. I could feel my pulse going up. I sent Bear upstairs to find Daddy and told him to tell him, “Daddy, I have a present for you!” I giggled and went and sat back down to yoga some more. It was going well until Tim and Matthew came back down. Tim sat at the kitchen table and Matthew came to sit with me. No, not next to me….on me. On my chest. So mush for relaxing. I shoved him off and said, “Not now Bear, Mommy is relaxing.” He whined and waited till I had resumed and closed my eyes before plopping back down on me with the force of a thousand pandas. Again, so much for relaxing. He finally got up and we finished our yoga. I got up feeling less relaxed than when I started haha. Oh well. Jadon and Lilly always enjoy doing it, so I’m glad we can do it together.

Oh! Here are those front room photos I promised 🙂

Front door with our family photo taken by Dawniele at Eyeful Photography!


View from the front door


View from the kitchen.

Still haven’t decided yet what color to paint the hutch, so I’m leaving it as-is for now until I’m sure.


So I’m going to open this up to my readers and ask if there’s anything they would like to see me blog about. Message me or leave me a comment and let me know what you’d like to see on this blog 🙂


Till Next Time,






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