To-Done List

Dear Diary,

So I got something new and exciting today! It’s a project hutch. It’s a gorgeous vintage hutch and the previous owner had planned to re-do it, but didn’t have the time so I got it for a steal and discovered she had already sanded most of it! WOO HOO! Sanding is my LEAST favorite part. Here’s what it looks like:

Isn’t it awesome???

So for now, it’s going to sit in my front room unpainted until I can make up my mind which color I want to slap on her. Right now I’m thinking a deep brick red or my go-to color: black. Honestly I can’t decide! If you have any suggestions, please comment on this post and tell me! I wish the color scheme in my house would allow me to paint this a peacock blue. Wouldn’t that just be fabulous? Of course I could do that and then sell it…. but I like this piece a lot. I’m kind of attached to her 🙂

Well, I did it! I accomplished the goals I had set out for myself when I gave my self a deadline in my previous blog “Deadlines and Lifelines”

My first goal was to paint my doors black. We decided to first try it on our master bedroom doors so if we hated it, or it didn’t work out, then not many people would see it 🙂 I felt like those doors took forever! Our one mistake with these doors was using a regular paint roller. You know, the fluffy kind. Well, those kind are supposed to be used on more uneven surfaces like your walls. Not on a relatively smooth surface like your doors. So these two doors that we did first have a bit of texture to them. Which I hope doesn’t interfere with my continued plans for them. We’ll see.

Master Bedroom doors

After that, we decided to use a big paint brush.I think it was a 5in brush. That worked a little better, but it was slow going. Coincidentally, both our neighbors in front of and beside us had also decided to paint their interior doors black and had mentioned to Tim that they used a special smooth roller and it was super fast. I thought, “Oh well, we’ve only got a couple more doors to do, but that’s cool.” Well, on Tuesday, my neighbor from across the street came over and lent me her roller saying she finished her doors so fast she wanted to see if we could use it. Well, I was excited to use it, so yesterday while Tim was at work, I knocked out the last two doors in a couple hours! It worked wonderfully to use the roller and then a brush to fill in the crevices. Here’s the finished result:


Word about paint: I spent a few extra dollars to get the “Paint and Primer In One” paint (Behr) and I have to say, it was super thick, but it did the job! I felt like I was painting with glue though. But it worked like a charm and the doors look great! I also used a little foam brush for touching up any little areas I had missed.

I am so happy with these doors, every time I see them, I just get so happy!!

The second thing on my to-do list, was to turn the “guest room” downstairs into a playroom. I started out by clearing EVERYTHING out of that room. Which took about an hour. I threw away a lot of things I didn’t need, sold a few things and put the rest in a new place. Oh, and returned my mom’s sewing machine….reluctantly… Then I vacuumed and had the kids help me bring ALL the toys down and into the new room. They were pretty excited, all except Matthew who I’m not sure understood what we were doing with all his beloved toys. He was pretty upset at first probably thinking we were tossing them out, but was happy to find them permanently relocated to the playroom. After everything was in there, I decided to take the double doors off the frame. It makes the room more open, I don’t have to worry about kids slamming fingers in the doors, and it opens up more usable space since we couldn’t have put anything behind where the doors would open. All things considered, I am happy we did that and the kids are excited too!

Oh my goodness it’s CLEAN!!! Quick someone take a picture!

The rules of the playroom are simple, no climbing on things, and every night, it must be clean before bed. Taking the doors off, I am realizing, is also more accountability for us to keep the playroom looking tidy.

Lastly on my list was to re-do my front room. *sigh* Well, we moved down here over 3 years ago and up until a year ago, the front room was vacant completely except for a mirror and an antique dining table we only use for large groups of guests. Then I turned it into my office. Which was okay, but it wasn’t very welcoming. Then when we got our new TV cabinet, we moved the old one into the front room as an entry cabinet. That was nice, but still wasn’t what I really wanted. So, I decided to make a change. I sold a bunch of things I didn’t need anymore and made enough $$ to buy a project hutch. (Project meaning I will be re-doing it) I brought in my antique “prop” chairs from the garage, and took an end table and coffee table we had in the homeschool room but don’t REALLY need up there and made a nice little arrangement. Tim and our friend David brought the hutch home tonight. I am SO excited. So here’s how a corner of our front room looks. It was dark and my phone doesn’t take great photos in the dark, so I’ll take more of the front room tomorrow.

Overall, I am happy with where this room is going and it was a good lesson in resourcefulness. I took stuff I had and didn’t need, sold it, and bought something I really wanted. Yay!

Well, it’s time for me to head off to bed, like I said, I will try to get some more photos of the front room up here tomorrow.

Till Next Time,



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