My Favorite Girl

Dear Diary,

So my favorite girl….this is her

Lillian Ashley


She turned 4 last Friday. How time has flown and how she has grown. My mom and I were talking the other day that the change between 3 to 4 is going from toddler to little girl. She has stepped into “Little Girl Land” with all the grace and loveliness I could have imagined. She is writing, singing, dancing, talking, loving and laughing her way through life and I couldn’t be more proud or more in love with this girl.

There are days she makes me crazy, but I’m sure there are days when I make her crazy too.  She’s always finding something funny in everything and always making me and her dad and brothers burst out laughing. She also possesses the wonderful quality of being able to laugh at herself. She’s gonna go places.


The other day, we were out on a “Mommy Daughter Date” to our local coffee shop and creperie. As she sat there eating her favorite: banana and nutella crepe, I asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up. “I wanna be a doctor.” she said. I asked her what kind, “Animal or people?” She smiled and said, “Animals mom! (duh)” I laughed and began to picture her as a Veterinarian. I could totally see it.

She has always been very fond of animals, and she takes such good care of her stuffed “critters” at home. I asked her where she would live. She said, “San Diego, mom! I hafta be close to the San Diego Zoo!” I asked her where she would live, a beach house or in the city. She thought about this a moment and said, “Beach.” Then I asked if she wanted a big beach house, or a little one. “Uh, mom, I want a BIG house of course.” Duh… dumb question, haha. Then I asked her more about what she wanted to do at the San Diego Zoo. She said she wants to work at their “center” for hurt and sick animals. When they are in trouble, she will rescue them.

Watching the tadpoles in a little canal in the field.


She also loves to dance and sing, and put on “Shows” for her dad and I. She loves to run. She makes the funniest most intense little face when she runs, it’s full of drama and determination. It’s a “her” face.

Then there’s her nickname: Bieber.

Lots of people ask me “How come you call her Bieber? Is she a Justin Bieber fan?” Actually, she really is not a fan of Justin Bieber at all. Here’s how it happened,

One morning, I was getting ready for the day: clothes, make-up, hair…and I sent the kids into the loft to go play. I came out to find Lilly beaming with delight and Jadon looking guilty as sin and holding a pair of scissors. “NO NO NO!!!” I thought to myself. Lilly turned to face me and I gasped to find one side of her hair had been cut, no…hacked right off. Some pieces were only about 2 inches long. “Look mommy!!” Lilly squealed, “J.J. cut my hair for me!” Jadon wasn’t looking at me. I grabbed the scissors from him and sent him to his room. I called Great Clips and made her an appointment and off we went right after breakfast. I asked them to even it out as best as they could without taking off any more length at the shortest point. So they cut and cut. Afterwards, she had “The Bieber” cut.

Since then, it’s grown back out. And a couple months ago, we added bangs after Lilly decided to try to cut them herself. Ugh. Haha but she has never looked cuter and they work out so much better than her having to keep brushing the hair from her face while she plays.



Well, Happy Birthday my sweet sweet Lilly, you are a wonderful little girl and Mommy and Daddy and your crazy brothers love you so very much.


To see all the photos from Lilly’s 4 year shoot, click here


Till Next Time,




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