“Pin It, Picasso!” Project

Dear Diary,

I call it my “Pin it, Picasso!” board:)

So this is my newest completed project! It’s something for the kids and I to hang our art on! I made this for about $12. Here’s how:

So my friend down the street makes those vinyl “stickers” that you can affix to your wall or really anything at all. So I bought one from her for $5 that says “Every child is an artist – Picasso”. Then off to IKEA we went and went straight for the “as-is” section where we picked up this cabinet door for $5. Then I sent Tim off to Fry’s for some things and asked him to pick up some clothes pins. Well those were like 50 count for less than $2! I used tacky glue to secure the clothes pins onto the board and voila! My amazing hubby hung it up on the wall for me and there you have it. Pretty awesome if I do say so myself. Here it is with the kids’ artwork!

LOVE having these on display!

While I’m at it, here’s another project I did recently for my niece. I bought an armoir at a yard sale. It was still shrink-wrapped from when the lady had moved and it needed the screws to be tightened. She was only asking $10 for it! SOLD! So I took it home, sanded it down a bit and went shopping for paint. I went back and forth on what color to paint it, thinking about how I was going to match colors in her room etc… Then I thought, “What color reminds me of Riley?” and this is the color that jumped out at me immediately. It totally matches her eyes and it’s a beautiful Cinderella powder blue. She is a big Disney princess fan, so I painted her the Disney castle on the front. Then I sprayed it with several coats of fixative. Ta-DA!

Happy Birthday Riley!

Several months ago, I rescued this little table with drawers for $5. It’s actually beautiful as it is, but I wanted to make it pop!

Too cute!

So I sanded it down lightly and mixed some red paint with a hint of brown and then distressed it. Aaaand….POP!! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this little table!!

POP! Love the red:)

Oh craigslist, you haven’t failed me yet!  I am waiting to hear back on a pair on endtables I may be scoring for $5 and then I will paint them and make them fabulous again. I love the wooden furniture I find to remake and reuse. Recycle people!!

Till Next Time,



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