Deadlines and Lifelines

Dear Diary,

So I woke up this morning feeling refreshed and happy! Which is always a good feeling. Then I looked up and saw the kids messing with Tim’s office set up and had to bury my head back under the pillow and count to 10 like 3 times before I could emerge to handle the situation. They had moved things, played with things, and colored on my very nice, very expensive new monitor. I was contemplating the effectiveness of hanging children up by their toenails at that point. Ugh. They both got in BIG trouble and luckily for them, I was able to clean the pen off the monitor and their were no residual scratches or anything. After everything was back in order, I took a few minutes to ask God to help me calm down. I was getting REALLY agitated at this point and felt like seeking revenge. But that’s not how you’re supposed to parent. Discipline should never be your reaction, but always a response. My knee-jerk reaction was to ship them off to the circus. Prayer is always my lifeline in times like these. It’s soothing to just sit and meditate and give everything to God. I try to remember that these kids are just that…kids. They make mistakes and sin just like I do. I am no better than them, God has just put me in the role of teacher. Tim is also a lifeline in times like these. Thankfully his job allows him personal calls throughout the day and I look forward to our brief little “catch-up chats” a couple times a day until I see him come through the door, cape waving gallantly behind him as he climbs off his big white steed…okay, no cape or steed, but that’s how it feels 🙂 My patience wears thin at times, but then I remember that His grace is enough for me…all the time. Whether I’m dealing with poop on me, or pen on monitors.

So I have this tendency to have amazing home renovation or improvement ideas, get the supplies needed and then they sit in my garage….for days, weeks, months…you get the idea. So being the “Pinterest Addict” that I am, I have been pinning various ideas to my boards, one of which is to paint my interior doors black. “Black?” you say, “Isn’t that a bit bold?” (Um…have ya MET me?? 😉 ) Yes, I know it’s a bold move, but I promise it will look ahhhhhmazing. I’ll be sure to post photos when we’re done. Anywho, I bought the paint to begin painting the doors…hmm….like 2 months ago now? Woah. So I have kept putting it off and not making time to do this wonderful remodel of my doors. So today, full of motivation, I made a decision. I am going to make a list of the “home related” things I want to do, and GET THEM DONE!!! Deadlines. They really are the only form of accountability for me sometimes. So my deadline is by next Friday, to have the following things done:

1.) Paint the doors I’ve selected to be black…there are 7 of them.

2.) Turn the guest room which NO one ever needs, into a playroom.

3.) Re-do my front room.

Tim has kindly volunteered to help me complete my list and I am excited to have an end in sight to these projects!

So while I was blogging, it began raining! Yay! And I’m not talking about a little pitter patter, I’m talking torrential downpour. It’s awesome. Well, I’ve got yet another project to do and complete tonight, but this one’s a quick one. So I’ll post a photo of it next time!!



Till Next Time,



One thought on “Deadlines and Lifelines

  1. cool. post photos for sure! I am like you…I have lofty ideas about projects and then I don’t do them….hence why I have three full dressers in my garage, taking up space 🙂 I need a list, but too dang hot right now! Go for it, can’t wait to see the result. Maybe I will get inspired.

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