The Problem with Homeschooling

Dear Diary,

So we’ve decided to homeschool. All 3 of the children. What have we done??? Well, the reasons for this are manifold. One “fold” is that, well, we feel like our kids are just too smart for “regular” school (there, I said it. Deal with it.) and also we can’r afford private school for them. Jadon, for one, is one of those kids who will turn into a trouble maker SO fast if he isn’t challenged enough. He has goals of becoming an engineer, so we want to make sure we do all we can to help him stay on track with his education. Lilly, is just so often in her own little world, like to the point where you almost have to yell loudly, while snapping your fingers in front of her face just to get her attention! Haha. It’s funny. Sometimes. Another “fold” in this decision, was the freedom it affords to be somewhat spontaneous. Which I like. Anyone who knows me, knows I can be very spontaneous. We can be in the middle of talking about about something and the conversation will drift to….say….animals. Then I’ll say, “Hey! I know! Let’s go to the zoo!” and will be in the car smiling and waiting for you before you can even say, “Um….ok.” This is one thing my kids absolutely love about me and I love their flexible natures that allow us to have fun spontaneous times. Now, I know, I know, I need more structure and I can’t be crazy all the time. Yes, I know. BUT!!! I can’t be any kind of spontaneous at all if my kids are being schlepped to a school where they are herded like sheep around a classroom being brainwashed by teachers I don’t get to interview for the job of teaching my kids. I have nothing against schools, but I wanna be the only one brainwashing my kids 😉 haha. On the flip side, the problem with homeschooling is: aren’t all homeschoolers super nerdy and antisocial? I mean, their only friends are their siblings and their mom. Ewww. And they dress like they haven’t been out of the house since the 80s. And the moms have these creepy smiles that say, “Oh yes….I am so happy spending all day everyday with my glorious children who all act like mini-me’s.” Just kidding. I know not all homeschoolers are like that. I know I wasn’t, and I know my husband and his family wasn’t. Besides that, everyone else is weird. Right? lol just kidding. But I prefer that, to the school system which not necessarily to the fault of teachers (which I love most teachers, I know several and they are awesome!) is miserably failing our kids.
With all that being said, I am in trouble. I hate order, structure and regulations. However, I realize I will need some some of each in order to sucessfully provide my children with the education they need and deserve. So….the problem with homeschooling….is me. I need to change myself (slightly) for this. So I’m gonna suck it up, be organized and make plans. There will be structure and order and we will get stuff done! And then we will play and have SO much fun doing it. I can do this. I can, and I will. I know I have some friends who homeschool so I will be asking lots of questions!!


Till Next Time,



One thought on “The Problem with Homeschooling

  1. This was funny. I too would like to homeschool but dread having to basically go through school again when I hated it the first time around. I respect you for trying it with three little ones!

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