Dear Diary,

I was reading through my old posts from My Diary and getting a bit wistful for my babies being so little. Of course comparatively speaking, they are still “little”, but in my eyes, they don’t seem that way. Just a reminder to me that time FLIES, so enjoy every moment. A friend and fellow blogger made a New Year’s Resolution to say “yes” to her kids more often. I feel challenged to do the same. Tim and I had a discussion the other day following a tearful comment I made. I said, “Babe, I hope our kids always think we’re awesome and they always like spending time with us.” He hugged me gently and said something reassuring. We had been talking earlier that day about fun things we wanted to do with the family once the kids were a bit older. Then I thought, “What if our kids don’t wanna do those things?” We talked for a few minutes about how to make our family more awesome and I felt reassured. We came to the conclusion that it’s all in the approach, and it’s about balance. Only doing things that Mom and Dad want to do and calling that “Family Time” doesn’t cut it. We strive to have a “team mentality” in this family. We all clean up after each other, Jadon helps Lilly clean her room and Lilly helps me clean mine. We all do laundry together and tackle chores with teamwork and music. We play together and learn together. We pray and read the Bible together and pray for each other. We journal together. Of course, as the kids get older, I realize not all these things we will still be able to do, but hopefully it sets up a foundation for us to enjoy being with each other whenever we can. I recently bought a book called “101 Things To Do Before Your Kids Leave Home.” and in reading it, was delighted to see that we’ve already completed a number of them! Of course some of the things we can’t do till the kids are a bit older, but it helps me reading that book to look forward to the kids getting older instead of spending my time dreading it. It’s inevitable. I wonder how our lives would change if we began to associate that word (inevitable) with joy and anticipation instead of dread and fear. Inevitable means unavoidable, so if it’s going to happen anyway, why waste your time trying to delay, stall or prevent it? Of course I’m preaching to the choir here, but just think!


Till Next Time,


Till Next Time,



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