The Tempest and The Temper

Dear Diary,

To those of you who’ve felt neglected over the past couple weeks, I apologize. (Sorta.) A few times a year, I get pretty busy for a couple weeks doing something I love- theater. I was so excited to find that my little town had a theater company and ever since I met the people involved, I am HOOKED. I have met the most amazing people and made some lifelong friends. Very cool. Didn’t expect that, but it’s awesome. I’ve loved theater ever since I realized I could be on the stage. I snagged parts in nearly every musical in elementary school and LOVED it. As I got older, I kept doing theater through my church, and loved it even more. However, through all of this, I’d never performed on an actual theater stage. Until last Friday. The newest show I am in is called, “The Tempest.” It’s Shakespeare, which I’ve never done before and don’t know if I’ll do again! It’s easy enough for me to read and comprehend Shakespeare, but it’s another thing entirely for me to memorize it. The whole cast has run into that challenge, but I’m proud of us all and we put on a great couple shows last weekend and I’m looking forward to putting on three more starting Thursday. There should be pictures soon hopefully that I can share with you. I’m anxious to see what I looked like! I certainly felt like a total idiot! Haha. I play an “Airy spirit” named Ariel. She is at the beck and call of Prospero (the main character). This has been a challenge for me. I’d like to think I’m generally graceful, but not fairy-like. I wanted to look like this….

See the grace?


But I felt like I looked like this….

See the...NOT grace?


Yeah that pretty much sums it up. Of course it didn’t help that I fell off a four foot box pretty ungracefully. Ugh. Well, I practiced my graceful moves and hopefully they didn’t seem too awkward.

Anyway, moving on…

This morning, Matthew decided he didn’t like the breakfast I put in front of him so I was screaming and throwing a fit. I turned his highchair away a little and ignored him for a bit from my seat to see if he would stop. He just kept screaming and thrashing around. Then he thrashed so hard, his chair started to tip over to the side. I grabbed it and let it to the ground soft enough so he wouldn’t hurt himself, but hard enough to jar him and get his attention. He looked up at me with big eyes and I said, “That’s what you get for throwing a fit.” I pulled him up and Jadon helped me put his highchair back and then I put him back in his chair and said, “Okay now eat your breakfast.” I ate without a fuss. Haha. Not an ideal way to learn a lesson, but it worked. That boy has a temper. He is the sweetest little thing, but when he doesn’t get his way…Oh Lordy, look out. We’re working on that. I know some of his frustrations are from not being understood. He babbles a lot but doesn’t have very many words yet. He’s getting there, but not fast enough for him. He hates when he’s trying to tell us something and we just don’t understand. Sweet boy. He’s trying.



Till Next Time,



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