Ellie the Elephant

Dear Diary,

Back before Christmas, I took the kids to the Disney Store to do some scouting. I let them walk around and casually asked which animals and toys were their favorite. Then I came back later without them and had my mind set on buying them what their hearts desired. Jadon had wanted as his first choice, “Sully” from Monsters Inc. His second choice was “Simba.” Lilly had wanted “Dumbo” and her second choice was “Nala.” Well of course, the Disney Store was out of both Sully and Dumbo, so thanking myself for asking about their second choice, I got them Simba and Nala. They were so excited about these new critters, I figured they’d put their first choices out of their minds all together. Well, Jadon had anyway. Lilly on the other hand, kept bringing up Dumbo and the elephant from Lion King. Not in an annoying, “Please, Mommy please!” way, but just in a “Mom, someday, I would really like an elephant.” I figured it was a phase that would go away, but lo and behold, about 2 months later, it’s still elephants. She wound up with a gift card to Target for Christmas, so after some breakfast out with the family this morning, we offered to take her to Target to see if they had an elephant there. She was jumping up and down and squealing from excitement. So off we went and navigated to the toy section where we found….a general lack of elephants. Ugh. My poor baby girls was so bummed out. She hung her head and sighed. I proposed a trade, “Lilly, if you give Mommy your gift card, I will take you to the Disney Store and buy you an elephant.” She looked up with a huge smile and said, “OKAY!” So off we went. Tim and the boys dropped us off at Macy’s and we walked through the store. Skipped was more like it. πŸ™‚ We finally got to the Disney Store and I said, “Okay Lilly, go get an elephant!” She took off and I followed her back to the stuffed animal section where we looked high and low. Only to find…no elephants. She looked like she was about to cry. I found an employee and asked if they had any Dumbos in the backroom. She shook her head and told me they were completely sold out and were unlikely to be getting more anytime soon since they had been put on clearance. “You should have come in two days ago!” she said. I asked if they had any elephants from Lion King left and she said she’d look. Off she went while I crouched down to Lilly’s level. “Hey sweetie,” I said, “the lady said they don’t have any more Dumbos, but she went to go see if they have any elephants from the Lion King left.” She nodded and we both watched the stockroom door in anticipation. Finally the lady emerged with two elephants in her arms. They were huge! About half Lilly’s size! Lilly gasped and squealed, “My elephant! Look mommy! She got me an elephant!” The lady handed her the elephant and Lilly gave it a tight squeeze and said, “Oh Mama, I LOVE it!” I thought, “Oh great, now no matter how much this is, I’ve gotta buy it for her now.” I wrestled the elephant away from her long enough to check the price tag. $40. I sighed. I don’t know about you, but that is a lot for a stuffed animal. I asked the lady how much it was hoping it was on sale or something. She said, “Oh this one was $40, but it’s on sale for $30.” I thought, “Well, that’s still a lot, but hey, she is totally gaga over this thing, so okay.” I said, “We’ll take it.” we stood in line and then paid. Lilly wanted to carry the elephant out, so we headed out of the store, she was practically floating. Smiling from ear to ear and chatting with her new pet about what sorts of adventures they would have and things they could eat at the tea party she was going to have. People kept doing double takes looking at this bubbly little girl carrying a giant elephant. We walked out of Macy’s to find Tim and the boys who were parked in the lot. Tim got out of the car and was smiling at his little girl, happily walking down the street with a dream come true in her arms. She was still beaming when we got to the car to show Daddy. She held it all the way home and named her, “Ellie.” Best $30 I’ve ever spent, hands down.

Till Next Time,



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