Redemption In the Form of Soup

Dear Diary,

So I am in the newest production our little theater company is putting on: The Tempest. I play an “airy spirit” called Ariel. I flit and fly around doing my master’s bidding and wreaking havoc on the deserving. It’s a pretty fun fantasical role and I am so excited for it. Well, I had rehearsal last night and had to bring the kids along with me for an hour of it before Tim could come pick them up. We also really needed bread and milk from the store and Jadon’s “Singulair” prescription from CVS. So since rehearsal was at 7:30pm, I planned ahead as best I could and made pasta and then I had put some turkey into the oven to bake. Well, we didn’t have time to eat the turkey as it hadn’t finished cooking yet, so we made a meal out of the pasta and the kids and I finished getting ready to leave, and in a whirlwind, left the house to run our errands before rehearsal began. Matthew was being fussy when we got to Fry’s, so I kept him on my hip and Jadon & Lilly walked briskly behind me holding hands. Everyone was marveling at how CUTE they were. And they were cute, but mostly I was marveling at the fact that for ONCE that day, they weren’t fighting! Jadon just led Lilly along and we went to get bread. Since I was holding Matthew, I handed the two loaves to Lilly. She happily tucked one under each arm. Actually…. tucked implies she was somewhat careful…she smashed those two loaves one under each arm. “Mom….she’s squishing our bread!” Jadon complained loudly. I sighed and stopped to hand the bags to her again this time so she was carrying each one like a sack. And off we went in search of milk. As we were rushing through the store, all of the sudden God said, “Psssst! The turkey.” I was confused for a moment, but kept thinking until I realized…. “OH MY GOSH!!! I LEFT THE TURKEY IN THE OVEN!!!!!” I picked up the pace, grabbed the milk, handed it to Jadon and off we rushed to check out. Poor Lilly has the best of intentions, but I like to think of her like Alice (from Alice in Wonderland.) She never pays attention and generally lives in a world of her own. So after apologizing to about 55 thousand people whom she walked nearly into, or right in front of, we made it to self check out. We paid and left quickly and Jadon asked, “Mom, why are we hurrying?”

I replied in a low voice, “You know how mommy had turkey in the oven? Well I forgot to take it out before we left, so we gotta run home and get it QUICK!”
He looked at me absolutely horrified and said, “Great. Now our house will catch on fire.”

“I sure hope not.” I muttered under my breath.

The entire way back to the house, he kept saying, “Oh I hope our house isn’t burned.”

I reassured him that the turkey hadn’t been in there THAT long and that likely it would be just the turkey that had burned. We pulled up to the house and I dreaded going in hoping I wouldn’t find my kitchen in a cloud of smoke. Well, the turkey sure smelled “done”, but not burned and I breathed a sigh of relief. I pulled it out of the oven to inspect it. Those two pieces of turkey were a nice dark brown and hard as a rock. I didn’t have time to do anything but turn the oven off and cover the meat with aluminum foil and run back out to the car. We went to go pick up Jadon’s meds and then rushed off to rehearsal where we made it 3 minutes early. I was so proud. And relieved! I was terrified to think what would have happened had God not reminded me about it and it stayed in the oven. Well, my life is now officially “that crazy!” haha.

When I got home after rehearsal, I didn’t know what to do with the turkey. I supposed it was still edible, but i didn’t wanna have to shatter my jaw trying to chew it. So I thought, “okay…what to do?” then I thought, “ooh! soup!” So today, I stuck those two pieces into a crockpot with broth and we will be enjoying turkey noodle soup for dinner tonight. 🙂 Yum!

There’s a relationship in my life right now that I feel is pretty well ruined and beyond repair at times. But this was a good reminder that redemption doesn’t always come in the form of the original. Sometimes, it’s something new and entirely different. Maybe even better.

Well, I’ve got to go get my non-sleeping children up from naptime.



Till Next Time,



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