Story About the Cops

Dear Diary,

Well, as promised, here’s the story about my interaction with Maricopa PD. Ugh…

So I’m driving over to the gym to go workout. I’m working my way out of the neighborhood when I see a cop car in front of me. He’s weaving all over not even driving in his lane and I’m thinking, “Hmmm…someone should pull that cop over haha.” Well, we came to an intersection and I went straight and he was in the left turn lane. Out of my rear view mirror, I saw that he only pulled partway into the intersection and I thought, “Weirdo.” But I kept driving. I was driving through a neighborhood and all of the sudden a car came up behind me pretty fast. I thought, “Probably some stupid teenager speeding along trying to get home before curfew.” They were really tailgating me and it stayed that way for awhile. I didn’t think anything of it, and continued my pre-gym routine which included jamming out to tunes and spritzing on a dash of perfume to ward off the stinkies. All of the sudden the car behind me turned lights on. It was a cop car. Darn it. What did I do? I knew for a fact I hadn’t been speeding and was running through the rest of my drive trying to figure out what I had done wrong and was coming up empty. Regardless, I pulled over and stopped and rolled down my window.

The cop sauntered up and said, “Hey, whose car is this?”

Me: “Ugh…mine?!” (I was irritated at this point)

Cop: “License, registration and proof of insurance.”

Me: “Sure, hold on…” *reaches for purse*

Cop: “Do you have any guns or any other weapons concealed in your car?”

Me: I almost said, “well if I did, you think I’d tell YOU?!” and I was trying not to laugh but what came out was… “Nope.”  I handed him the papers and sank back into my seat. “You mind telling my why exactly you pulled me over??”

Cop: “Yeah, uh…I’ll tell you in a minute. Have you been smoking marijuana tonight?” I almost laughed again but managed to keep my composure.

Me: “No.” I gave him “the look”

He turned and walked back to his car. Now I was really annoyed. Then he came back.

Cop: “Well, your license plate isn’t legal.”

Me: “What?!”

Cop: “You sure this is your car?”

Me: “Yes.”

Cop: “Where did you get it?”

Me: “…the dealership!” *cue another icy stare

Cop: “And have you been smoking marijuana tonight ma’am?”

Me: “No. Why??”

Cop: “Well I saw you spray perfume.”

Me: “aaand?”

Cop: “Why did you spray it?”

Me: “I’m on my way to the gym and I didn’t wanna stink. Why does that matter?”

Cop: ” Well, some people do that to mask the smell.”

Me: *rolls eyes.*

Cop: “Do you don’t have any illegal drugs or paraphernalia in your vehicle?”

Me: “No I don’t.”

Cop: “Hmm… okay ma’am, I’m going to ask you to step out of the vehicle so I can search it.”

Me: “Are you serious? Okay.”

Some other plain clothes cop comes over and stands next to me.

Other Cop: “How’s it going?”

Me: “You’re kidding, right? My car is being searched for no reason and he won’t explain to me why exactly he pulled me over.”

Other cop: “Well, your license plate and the registration don’t match. They are off by one number at the end.”

Me: “I’d like to see that myself please.”

Cop comes back over after searching my car. “Here, see? Off by one number.”

Me: “Okay, well what does that have to do with all the marijuana questions and the car search??”

Cop: “Well you were spraying perfume and people do that to mask the smell of drugs.”

Me: “okay well can you please explain what I need to do then?”

Cop explains to me what I need to do to resolve the license issue and told me I can’t drive my car because it’s not street legal. Then he said I could go and told me to have a good night. I went home. Oi vey.


Well, many of you have asked me how I do my couponing and I will address that in my next blog. (Which I will write tonight 🙂 )


Till Next Time,




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