Dear Asthma, I Hate You.

Dear Diary,

So today poor Jadon had a really bad asthma attack and had to be taken to the children’s hospital. Poor baby. I hate when this kind of stuff happens. I blame myself usually even though I know it’s nothing I can help. We’re consistent with his daily medication and we do our best to keep him indoors on “bad days”. But still he winds up sick. I just want to scoop him up and carry him off to a place where he can breathe. I was out on a shoot when he went in to the hospital and when I’d finished there, I went back to my folks house where Lilly and Matthew were staying. I learned that he had been put on magnesium and it wasn’t helping. Which means this attack was especially bad. They weren’t coming home anytime soon. I let Lilly finish the movie she was watching, “Mulan.” It’s her favorite movie to watch and Grandmama’s house. Then we began the drive home since Tim and Jadon will be staying the night. We pulled into the driveway and poor Lilly burst into tears. “I want J.J. to be here. I miss him. When is he coming home?” She really thinks her big brother hung the moon. I got a little teary-eyed and offered to let her call him once we got inside which she happily agreed to do. I put Matthew to bed and came down stairs and dialed Tim’s phone. It was on speaker and after every “ring” she would say, “Hey Daddy can I please talk to JJ?” I had to remind her to wait till Daddy answered. “Please pick up, babe.” I prayed under my breath. Finally he did and Lilly made her request. I could hear the smile in Jadon’s voice when they started talking. I think it made Lilly feel about a million times better to hear that her J.J. was okay. She went to bed with a hopeful smile on her face, excited at the prospect of giving her brother a BIG hug when she sees him tomorrow. We’re hoping he’ll get released tomorrow, but if not, we’ll definitely go visit. Well, the kids are all put to bed now and I’ve got “Wizard of Oz” on and am regretting the decision I made to come home. I had to come back for Emma, but now I’m super lonely. Guess I’ve got Emma 🙂 I want to be in Wizard of Oz. I’d love to play Dorothy, but I think I’m too tall. I’d be better cast as a witch. Perhaps the good witch, but playing the wicked witch would be SO much more fun 🙂

Well, I’ve got some photoediting to do.


Till Next Time,



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