My Day in I Love Lucy Gifs

Dear Diary,

Yep….this is my day. I woke up feeling like this…

So I wanted to get outta the house, I felt like taking the kids to the zoo! But…

Then my kids started acting out. Being obnoxious…and I wanted to do this…

But instead… this is all I could do….

I tried everything to cheer them up, those little animals….

and this…

But….. this is all I got

Needless to say, I am not amused…

and then I wasn’t feeling well and plans for tonight got cancelled…

I need a massage…

This is all I feel like doing today while sitting in front of the TV.

I went to a concert last night and sat about 20 feet away from: Dierks Bentley, Vince Gill, LeAnn Rimes, Phil Vassar, Gary Allan, Aaron Lewis, Kix Brooks and Sara Evans. That was FUN! After the concert, (thanks to my S-Fam’s hubby) we got to go to the Meet & Greet. Only Phil, Gary, Aaron and Kix were there. Yeah, we’re on a first name basis now, we’re friends. Ha! Ask Kseniya, this is about how I was…

She laughed at me, and rightfully so.

Well today so far, has been NOT fun. But hopefully it’ll get better as the day goes on.

And this is the light at the end of my tunnel today, the moment Tim walks in from work 🙂

Till Next Time,



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