Can’t Stop Crunching

Dear Diary,

So I’ve stumbled upon a snack made probably by God Himself because they are so delicious. Veggie Sticks. They are basically jet-puffed crunchy french-fry shaped thingys that are, well, DELICIOUS!! And super crunchy! Like potato chips. So literally I can eat and crunch and crunch and crunch and crunch crunch CRUNCH these things ALL day!!! All day. (Did you get my point yet?…. k good.)

Woah! This morning was car-aazzzzyyyy! I got the kids breakfasted, dressed and ready for the day. I made up some coffee in my adorable little vintage coffee travel mug and off we went to pick up my sister-from-another-mister. My S-Fam. Her name is Kseniya and she is awesome. Anyway, about 5 minutes before we got to her house, I went to reach for my coffee mug only to find that it was not there. I had left it at home. So like any self-respecting mature adult would do. I threw a fit. To which Jadon responded with, “Woah! Mom! Hey it’s okay, we can just go get you a Starbucks or something! Look! There’s one right there!” I stuck out my lip. “But mommy doesn’t WANT Starbucks. Mommy wants her FREE coffee which I made especially for today which is sitting at home!” I think we temporarily experienced a “Freaky Friday” body switch right then because Jadon was still level-headed and said, “Mom, you left it at home. You can either go get it, or go get Starbucks. Or maybe not have coffee.” I pouted for a few more seconds and thought, “Bah. Okay, time to get over it.” So we picked up Kseniya and Tysen and headed off for a morning cruising the mall. It. Was. Nuts. But fun. But crazy. We started with 4 kids between the two of us and ended with 5 because the baby she watches got dropped off around 11:30am at the mall, so we brought two strollers. One of which we left in the car so we could meet the mom at Nordstrom’s and then get the other stroller. (I know this seems like too much info, but believe me, it’ll all be related)  It started out alright-ish. Jadon had determined after we got to the mall and I wouldn’t let him “drive” the stroller that Tysen was in, that he would be super grouchy the whole rest of the morning. Irritating. But oh well. We started at Nord’s and then went and walked around for a bit and wound up at the Disney Store. (Big surprise there, huh?) Where Jadon pestered me about every 2.7 seconds to let him build a car there. Which, by the way, we had agreed that he would do with dad. For his birthday. So I reminded him of that and told him, “Not today.” To which he pouted. So I ditched him. (yes, i kept an eye on him…I’m not a horrible mother) Once he decided he wanted to be happy again, he came over and we hung out in the store for awhile. Then all of the sudden Lilly goes, “MOMMY! I HAFTA GO POTTY RIGHT NOW!!!” I groaned and said, “Hey Kseniya, I’m taking the kids to the bathroom! Meet you over there!” I grabbed Lilly’s hand and Jadon’s hand and RAN. Matthew was strapped to me and giggling the whole time. We barely made it to the bathroom, but Lilly made it just in time. I stood there panting and once she was done, we wandered back out and looked for Kseniya. I didn’t see her, so I reached for my phone. Not in my pocket. Darn it! I left it in the stroller. Which Kseniya had. Poop. So we went back to the Disney Store. No Kseniya or Tysen. Great. So I thought, “Maybe they were in the other bathroom and we just missed them.” So we walked back to the bathrooms and checked. Nope. “Great!” I thought, “Now what should I do? Should I do what you’re supposed to do if you’re lost and you can’t find your mommy and just sit there and wait for her?”  Then I thought how pathetic it would be, a mom of three sitting there cross-legged and rocking saying, “Where is she? I can’t find her??” So I thought, “Oh! I bet it’s 11:30 and Isaac’s mom is here dropping him off! Hold on, I’ll check…my…phone….crap. I DON”T HAVE MY PHONE!!!!” Gah! Why does life not work when you don’t have your phone??? Haha. So I headed for Nordstrom’s and lo and behold, there she was. Poor girl carrying Tysen and trying to push the stroller with Isaac. We met up and turned around again and headed back to Nordstrom’s so I could go get the other stroller. I left Lilly with Kseniya and took Jadon and Matthew to go get the other stroller. Which Jadon again started pouting about because I wouldn’t let him push it. That kid is dangerous when pushing a stroller. No one’s heels and ankles are safe. We met back up with Kseniya and she put Tysen in the stroller. “Okay! Let’s go!” I said. Then Lilly started to cry. I asked what was wrong and she said her feet hurt. So I looked and poor baby, her shoes had rubbed her heels raw 😦 I felt so bad. She couldn’t walk anymore and so I had to try to carry her, (and Matthew who was in the wrap) and push a stroller. That lasted about 2 minutes and I had to put her down and leave her with poor Kseniya AGAIN and Jadon, Matthew and Isaac and I RAN to Children’s Place for flip flops and then RAN back. All those pesky kiosk people stayed far away from me as I had seen and rejected their offers about 10 times already that day. I just threw them the “Don’t even think about it” look and they left me alone. We switched shoes for Lilly and then it was time for lunch. So we walked back to the Food Court and got lunch. Which sounds simpler than it actually was, but I won’t go into all that. Haha. So then we went to the play place after that. It was PACKED OUT. So many kids!!!! Crazy. So we left not too long after that and began the almost 10 minute of ordeal of packing 5 kids, 2 strollers, 3 diaper bags and 2 tired adults into the car. WHEW!!!! Crazy. We dropped Kseniya, Tysen and Isaac off back at their house and began the trek home. Which was pretty quiet actually because the kids were so pooped! We got home and I put everyone to bed and sat down to crunch and have that coffee I had left behind this morning.  I am so excited that it’s Friday! Family night tonight! We’re having spaghetti and watching movies, probably building a tent and playing Candyland. I love that the kids are getting old enough to really enjoy a family night. Then after they go to bed, I am so excited to just hang out with my husband. I love that man. So so so much.  I am so blessed!

Thank you to everyone who left me very positive feedback about my “VENT” blog entry. That was so appreciated and unexpected! I never know how people will react to these things, but I’m so glad it was positive. Of course, there are a few girls who haven’t talked to me since….haha. Ladies and Gentlemen…. Exhibit A.

Till Next Time!



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