Dear Diary,

This is a vent. You’ve been warned. Read on, or don’t…the choice is up to you, but if you’re easily offended or your theme song is “You’re so vain, you probably think this song (blog) is about you.” Do us all a favor and don’t read this.  And please, don’t email me saying, “Oh my gosh, just read your blog! Is this about me?!” Because most likely, if you have to ask, …it is.


Dear Females,

I hate you sometimes. I hate how catty you get. All secrety and exclusive like you are someone super special. The worst part of it is that even though I’ve been out of highschool for awhile now, sometimes it’s still like highschool. Um yeah, I graduated and left that part of my life behind ON PURPOSE. Why on earth would you wanna revisit that kind of drama and try to drag me with you?!  I just don’t understand. We girls have enough to deal with without making each other feel like crap. I wish for just one second, girls could put their own egos aside and just be human. Realize that your snide remarks actually hurt. Realize that yeah, we all have issues and your’s aren’t any more important than anyone else’s. Also, realize that faking like your life is perfect and you have no problems whatsoever doesn’t make you look perfect. It makes you look like a big fat liar. Realize that sometimes it’s not all about you. Realize that the tags on your clothes and purses, and the brand of your car doesn’t make you any cooler or better than anyone else. It means you paid too much for the same gosh darn thing the rest of us have. It makes you….well, you finish this sentence however you see fit. Please stop being clique-oriented. Again, you’re not that awesome that you can’t hang out with the rest of us. Please stop being fake nice. We can all tell you don’t really feel that way and you are just a horrible actress. It IS possible to have beauty AND brains. Being pretty doesn’t mean you can’t be smart too. And don’t hate on other girls because they choose to break the mold and be different. Different isn’t “special” it’s awesome. You just don’t have the guts to deal with it. Or are you jealous? Yeah I’m a stay-at-home mom and a photographer. My jobs are cool. I like them and I’m good at them. Don’t try to make me feel like crap because I don’t make as much money as you or because my jobs aren’t as “posh” as yours.  If I wanted a “posh” job, I’d go get one. But I don’t. I’m tired of dealing with you sometimes. You make me crazy. And…I wish you didn’t affect me so much. 😦

THANKFULLY there are a few of you that I know that aren’t catty (most of the time, I mean, we’re girls and we all have our moments), don’t discriminate and are genuinely happy to see other ladies succeed. They don’t exclude you in things for lame self-absorbed reasons and they don’t freak out if your life gets busy and you lose contact for a little while. They welcome you back with a smile and a Starbucks without acting all hurt and distant. They don’t keep score. They help out even when the work isn’t glamorous. They put up with your “girl moments” without taking it personally. And they care. So thank you, girls that I know who are like this. Girls who have grown up and actually left highschool and all its drama behind. Thank you. You’re awesome. And am I against designer stuff? No, I just hate the way some girls feel that it makes them better. If you need that kind of stuff to make yourself feel good, you have deeper issues.


Till Next Time,



One thought on “VENT

  1. YOU ARE awesome! Not because of labels or cars…but because:

    You love God & are not ashamed of that!
    You love your man
    You love your kids
    You’ve grown up enough to know that you have to work at having a happy marriage & family
    You’ve already found out that its not about how much money you make but about how much fun you can have while making it…and making that work make a difference to someone else!
    You have found passion in life…for many things that make the world a better place – and make the people in it happier
    You have found that it is more important to spend time with a child on your lap than to do many mundane things
    You have also found that SOME mundane things are necessary for a contented life
    You have met the enemy and found that he will wither at the Name of God – and you know how to use that Name
    You are an awesome and loyal daughter, granddaughter, sister, wife, mother, aunt, cousin, niece, friend & neighbor!
    I love you, Smidgen! Way to growl! I heard the love in it, though!
    The caring for people and wanting them to grow up and have a real life.

    Love you always!

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