Dear Diary,

Why is it that when you have kids in diapers (well now I’ve really only got one) that your room always has to smell like poop? I change Matthew in here and no matter how quickly we remove the offending diaper and how we douse the room in Febreeze (by the way, i LOVE that stuff) the smell never fully leaves. It creeps into my nose at the most inconvenient times too. It’s not consistant. One minute, I can’t smell anything, and the next minute I’m making the “just smelled poop face.” Ugh. Well it was here a minute ago, but now it’s gone because I’m writing about it. Maybe it’s the “ghost of past diapers” come back to haunt me. Who knows. All I know is I’m tired of smelling it!

Anyway, today was a pretty good day. No meltdowns, no tantrums, few arguments between Jadon & Lilly, and more cuteness from all. Matthew was trying his best to make duck sounds today. He’s pretty much got it down. It sounds like this “AAACK!!!” – you know when you read something all in caps with an exclamation point at the end, a little “reading voice” in your head yells it for you? Well, turn up the volume about ten-fold on that little sucker and there’s the decible-age you’ve got for this duck. Must be a HUGE rabid one inbred with velociraptor. He was pretty cute tho. Matthew, that is, not the velocirapduck. Well, there you have it. It is waaaay too late for me to be out in the blogosphere right now, I’m not “all there.”



Nighty Night!

Till Next Time,



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