Dear Diary,

Wow it’s been awhile. I’ve missed you! Between getting my business going and doing shoots and raising kids, I’ve been crazy busy. But this summer has all come down to the next week. Tomorrow, my baby sister leaves off for college in Tennessee. Weird. Then a few days later, my other little sis heads back up north to NAU. This, of course, leaves my parents as “empty nesters” (until Christmas break anyway).  It’s weird sometimes you find out just how close you are to someone when they go away. I’ve enjoyed every minute of our relationship (okay not EVERY minute,…they are sisters afterall) and this next week kind of marks the end of an era. 

Somethin’ like that…

It’s gonna be hard visiting my parents and not having my sister bounce down the stairs to see the kids and I. It’ll be weird having to share secrets over Skype, …or wait till Christmas. And it will be weird feeling like a part of you is gone away somewhere. This pretty much puts the nail on the coffin for my childhood. *sigh* I’m gonna miss it, but I’m trying to remain optimistic that the best is yet to come.  I hate change. But change comes like it or not, so I plan to buy a shirt and a hoodie from Abby’s school and keep on wearing the ones I got from Aly’s….and paste a smile on my face when I feel like crying. It sucks having your best friend move halfway around the world. (I know, I know, Tennessee isn’t that far, but it feels that far) And your other best friend, moving a few hours away. Luckily, I’m left here with my bestest friend of all who won’t move away (at least without taking me with him). I’m so glad I have Tim. He’s such an encouragement to me.  Well, I don’t have anything witty to say today, or any funny stories to tell. We’ll leave that for another day. But on a side note, here’s a painting I did yesterday at my parent’s house. Aly brought out the watercolors for my kids and I joined in 🙂


Till Next Time,



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