How Wonderful Life Is While You’re In the World

Dear Diary,

My apologies again for not writing lately. The CIA has had me on a few special assignments that have had me globetrotting to the far off corners of… not buying it? Meh, oh well. I tried. Back to reality…

I am sitting here recouperating from being sick and listening to Jadon and Lilly play Candyland while they are belting out “Your Song.” They love that song and I sing it to them often. I want them to know always how much they mean to me. Jadon & Lilly are getting along pretty well today. Well, since I’ve written last, we’ve been on vacation to San Diego! That was fun! Here’s some photos of our trip 🙂

Jadon took this one:)


Good times 🙂 We had fun, but what you can’t tell from the photos is that Jadon and Lilly were little terrors pretty much the WHOLE time. It was literally like we had traded in our two children at the front desk when we checked in for two little  hooligans who were insistant on giving us a really hard time.  Ugh. That was not fun. But we made it through and got our normal pretty well-behaved little children back once we got home. Silly little minions.

Also, I’ve celebrated my birthday! I am now 24. Feels so un-different. But enough of that, here was my yummy ice cream cake from my parents!


 Then of course the same day was Mother’s Day, so we celebrated Mommyhood. Here I am with my little ducklings:


How could you not love this face? 🙂


This was my baby bear about a year ago 🙂


So last night, Jadon wasn’t going to sleep. He was playing with Matthew. Poor Matthew was trying to sleep and Jadon wasn’t letting him. All of this equals= unhappy Matthew. Poor little bear. He was so fussy. So I got him up and cuddled him to sleep on the couch. SUCH a horrible experience 😉 haha…NOT. 

Alrighty, enough for today! Big shout out to my littlest sister who is graduating highschool tomorrow! Woo hoo! So proud of you lovey!

Till Next Time,



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