Dear Diary,

Hooooooooo Lordy I am grouchy today. Stupid PMS. I just wanna go lock myself away in my room, but of course I can’t because I’m a mom with responsibilities. Their names are Jadon, Lilly and Matthew and today they are out to push the limits. But I’m trying not to take my hormonal rage out on them haha. Let me tell you, they are not making this easy though.

Well, hopefully tomorrow I will be in a better mood and I will write about our trip this last weekend. We had a lot of fun!

This one is short and sweet to spare you the whining and complaining I feel like doing right now. 🙂

Till Next Time,


One thought on “GROUCHY!!!!

  1. Well at least its not just me. I even broke out into a PMS migraine yesterday. Boooo 😦 hope you feel better soon mama!

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