Shout Outs …part deux!

Dear Diary,

In continuation from last time…..

Dear Christina C,

Thank you so much for all the love and encouragement you send me way so often. It’s truly a blessing to know you and I am so happy we are (mostly facebook) friends! 🙂

Dear Lindsay Potts,

Even though we haven’t met (yet!) you are so much fun to talk to on Facebook and it’s great to have a fellow photog to bounce ideas off of. Also, I love your YouTube vids!

Dear Jacque Cardenas,

You rock my world, Jacque. You are so funny and sweet and such a wonderful person. So excited for our coffee date!! You have done such an AMAZING job with James and I am so glad we are friends. Also, you have awesome taste in music 🙂

Dear Drew,

I am so glad you call me when you need stuff. You know I’m always here for you and I am so happy our relationship is as awesome as it is even though we don’t see each other super often. I am so blessed to have family like you. Love you cuzzy.

Dear Erika Cote,

Your enthusiasm for life and family is truly inspiring. I always go and read your status when I need a pick-me-up or when I just need to be reminded of the good things in life. You are so sweet and such an awesome mom and wifey, I wish we lived closer! Can’t wait to capture your kiddos in photos in April!!

Dear Tiana,

You crack me up. You have such a funny and unique take on things and I love how real and down to earth you are. You are doing such a great job with Mae and I think you are so talented with your art!

Dear Chris Berkey,

Like i’ve said before, I sleep better at night knowing you’re out there keeping us all safe. You are awesome and brave! Thank you so much for all you do.

Dear Children of Mine,

I love you so much. From the very moment I knew you existed, you have filled me with such joy and love. I am so proud and blessed to have the priviledge of guiding you through life. Please be patient with me as I continue to learn and grow up just like you. And please remember that no matter how much trouble you get yourself into, that I will always love you no matter what and that no matter how big you get to still please give your mommy hugs and kisses. I will never be too old to hear, “I love you, Mommy!” or cuddle you close on my lap… I hope you’re never too old for that either.

Dear Tim,

I can’t believe we’ve been together for 7 years. What a wonderful time it has been. My best friend and the best man I could have ever hoped for, you amaze me daily. I am so proud of the man you are and look forward to growing old with you. I am glad we can laugh at our mistakes and at each other. Thank you for supporting all my little projects, you are the bestest. I can’t wait to see what the rest of our lives hold for us and our beautiful family. Love you.



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