Carry the Diaperbag On My Wayward Ankle

Dear Diary,

So yesterday, I went and bought a new diaper bag! It’s so cute and it can be worn on the shoulder or as a backpack. This is nifty and needed because it’s getting harder to wear things on my shoulder and a backpack style would be much easier. However, I wanted to find something chic. I’m not a traditional/chunky backpack kind of girl. Reminds me of highschool….or camping. Neither of which I want to be associated with haha. So this is the one I wound up getting.

So I bought this yesterday and on the way out to the car, I was so excited about it, I forgot to pay attention and I forgot the sidewalk had a small step down in it… and naturally, as is my habit, I tripped. Didn’t fall down, just tripped enough to roll my ankle and screw up something in my foot. Yay. So now I have a fabulous new diaper bag and a not-as-fabulous hitch in my get-along. Ugh. All night long I was half asleep rotating my foot and listening to something in it go “pop-click” everytime. It hurts really bad and I can barely walk on it. So Tim got out the crutches. Which are made for people 5’10” and up. I am 5’8″. So now my armpits hurt too. Also, we are having people over for dinner tonight so I’m trying to hobble around and finish cleaning up. Thank God I have a very helpful husband who said he would help me when he gets home from work. 🙂 Such a good man I married.

Yesterday, we went to the mall to get some new shirts for Jadon. That guy is growing UP! As we were getting out of the car, he began belting  (yes, belting, not singing quietly to himself) “Carry On My Wayward Son” by Kansas. Some lady walked by and was smiling so big I think she was trying not to laugh. I don’t blame her, I would be laughing too if I heard a 4 year old singing, “Don’t you cry no more!” and then doing his best impression of a guitar riff. Tim and I just smiled and agreed….we have the best kids ever. Good times.

Side note, have you ever seen “Presto”, the digital short by Pixar? HILARIOUS. Just thought you should know.

Okay then, I have to go hobble along now and do some cleaning, I will do questions and answers next time:)

Till Next Time,



One thought on “Carry the Diaperbag On My Wayward Ankle

  1. Hilarious!! Love the diaper bag – and the gimp who carries it is the GREATEST!! Wish you had video of that moment with J.J. belting it – would love to have been there. Hugs & Kisses to all!

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