And The Oscar Goes To…

Dear Diary,

So last night, Matthew woke up crying at 1:30am which he hasn’t done in months, so Tim gave him some Tylenol because we had a feeling his gums were bothering him. I rocked him for a bit and he seemed to calm down but was acting hungry so Tim went and made him some food and I fed him. That child ate a full meal at 1:30 in the morning! Haha. Ahhh… well, before we all came down with that awful stomach bug, he was having 8 oz of milk and 4 ounces of rice cereal and veggie or fruit.When he was sick, I could barely get him to eat or drink anything and so we were working him back up to where he was before and were up to 8oz of milk and 3 ounces of cereal/veggie/fruit. So I figured he had woken up because he hadn’t gotten enough to eat the night before. So we’re now back up to where we were before. Other than being sick, Matthew has been doing well. He has a little tooth on the bottom left and I think he’ll be getting one on the top soon! He is such a happy talking baby who some days will sign “please” and other days, looks at me like I’m from another planet when I say, “Matthew say ‘please.'” Silly boy. He also says, “Hi!” Pretty clearly most days. I’m so glad he’s over his sickness.

Little Princess Lilly got her hair cut a few days ago. It was getting hard to keep from being tangled and whenever we would try to brush it out, it would hurt her. So I put her hair in a ponytail and cut it! (and saved the ponytail of course 🙂 )

Silly Lilly

She loves it! She was walking around the rest of the day saying, “I yook fabu-yess!” (I look fabulous) and she does! So the other week she started taking her diaper off during her naps and at night. I was getting tired of it and one day after her afternoon nap, she had taken it off so I just told her, “Okay, you wanna be done with diapers? You’re done. You may wear one at night for awhile, but no more diapers.” So aside from church and a playdate yesterday, she’s pretty much been diaper-free during the day. Saturday she had a few accidents, but yesterday afternoon/night and so far today she’s been doing pretty well. I just keep putting her on the potty often and rewarding her when she does go. Unfortunately, she doesn’t seem to want to go…often I know she’ll need to, but she’ll sit there and hold it in. So last night, it took her 2.5 hours of sitting on the potty with 5 minute breaks here and there before she finally went. Ughh…but I am determined that this box of diapers which is almost gone, will be her last. I know she can do it, it’s just a matter of staying consistent.

Jadon is doing pretty well, the other day was rough for him. We all have bad days where we just wanna have outbursts at everyone all day and as adults we know that isn’t acceptable to do, but as a little kid, he’s still learning. So he stayed home from church with me and Matthew. This really affected him because he LOVES church and he was so disappointed that he couldn’t go. But I had him rest and have some alone time and he seemed a little better after that. He’s such a goof, the other day he and Lilly were playing cars together and Lilly took a car he had been playing with and was holding it hostage. Jadon said, “Lilly, can I have my car back please?” She defiantly shook her head and said stoutly, “NO.” He asked again and again she shook her head. Usually at this point, Jadon turns to me asking for help. But this time, he hung his head and started fake crying! FAKE CRYING! Lilly’s face got concerned and she said, “Oh J.J! Don’t cry, I’m sorry.” and she willingly gave him the car and a pat on the back. His head popped up and he grinned and said, “Thanks, Lilly.” and went back to playing. My mouth dropped open, “What do I do about that?!” I thought. So smart, he took Lilly’s own trick which doesn’t even work on us, and used it on her with great success. Sheesh. And the Oscar for “Best Dramatic Performance” goes to… Jadon James.

Time for a little shameless self-promotion 🙂

As most of you know, I have started a photography company! Right now, I am doing couples/maternity/family/infant shoots for $50.  Which includes fully edited images on CD and an 8×10 print of your choice. You must book before Febuary 14th, 2011 to get this deal because after Feb 14th, the prices will be going up! You can book by contacting me via email or my Facebook page, (I will put contact info below) or booking with my new booking site: Your shoot doesn’t need to happen before the 14th, but you need to have booked it before then. Here’s my contact information…

Till Next Time!



One thought on “And The Oscar Goes To…

  1. This was SO much fun to read! Papaw and I just looked at each other and said “he SIGNS please!!” Wow! We both thought he was beginning to say ‘Hi’ a few weeks ago. We cannot stand this missing stuff!! We must see you all soon. Lilly IS fabu-yess! And J.J. is amazing! You and Tim are doing a fabu-yess job with them. We love you all, Papaw & Momo

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