Those Christians….

Dear Diary,

Well, I am finally starting to feel better after my bout with the stomach flu. Jadon had it on Saturday, Lilly had it Monday morning and I got it last night continuing on into today and Bear woke up with it this morning. Tim’s not feeling so well right now either. I felt so bad for poor little Matthew, of course he is so little and can’t understand why he feels icky and it’s sad. But he is such a happy little guy anyway. ūüôā

He was so cute today, we were hanging out on my bed and he scooted himself over to lay his head on my tummy so I could rub his little head. Such a sweet, sweet baby. He just lay there looking at me with his beautiful blues and cooing. It was a precious moment I will never forget.

So this is a bit unrelated to our sickies, but tonight is the State of the Union Address. It will be interesting to see what Obama has to say. But my mind is elsewhere thinking about my relationship with my hubby. Every now and again, Tim and¬† I sit down and have a “State of the Union” talk.¬† It’s not usually a very serious thing, but we like to evaluate our relationship, and talk about the good and the bad. We reminisce about our dating relationship, our engagement, wedding and all that followed. I think it’s really important to have these little talks. We troubleshoot problems and encourage each other on what we’re doing right.¬†It keeps us on the same page and I don’t know about Tim, but I always feel more secure in our relationship afterward.

Something that has been on my heart recently, that has really bothered me is this:

So I got a new phone and on one of the screens I have a widget from Urban Dictionary. I keep it on there for amusement mostly and to look up the occasional word I don’t know. If you don’t know what Urban Dictionary is, it’s a people-written dictionary where users submit their own definitions. I flipped to that screen the other day and saw the word, “Christianity.” My eyebrows went up and wondered what “the public” had to say about it. Here’s is the definition I read: “A religion that would have made sense had it not been for the nature and character of its followers.” My stomach dropped and I felt a little defensive. Then I realized, “No, sadly… they are right!” And how sad and shameful is that? I am heartbroken that that is how the world sees it. But I do see it. I see it everywhere. I see Christians who are unwilling to reach out to people, who are judgemental and rude, condescending, exclusive and hypocritical. The elitist attitude and hypocrisy¬†is killing our witness. I know I am not a completely¬†innocent party¬†in this. But on behalf of this ever shrinking sect of Christians who are striving not to be this way, I apologize for those who are and I understand your resentment. Why on earth would you believe that the God we serve is love when His followers are some of the most hateful people around. I just want those of you who feel this way to know that not all of us are that way. Anyway, this was just something I wanted to get off my chest.

Time for a little Ashley Trivia:

531. Earth, Air, Fire, and Water: Which is your element? No idea

532. Who influences you to be the way you are? Christ, my husband and kids.

533. What is one idea that you live by? Give.

534. How can people act to make you want to get to know them? Not fake.

535. Are you more delicate or tough? Depends on the situation. I think I’m a pretty equal balance of both.

536. Would you rather be smarter or more beautiful? Smarter.

537. Have you ever had a surprise party? Nope. But I’ve given them.

538. When are you at a loss for words? Usually when I’m feeling convicted.

539. What is the worst time to be alone? When you’re sick… or at night. I hate being alone at night.

540. What do your parents do that you will try never to do? Wear too much denim ūüėČ (Dad, this was for you.)

541. What gets you through the night? Sleep.

542. Do you really want to live forever? Not on this earth, no.

543. Do you often experience powerful emotions? Yes.

Till Next Time!



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