In a Funk

Dear Diary,

Jadon has been in a weird funk the last few days. I don’t know what it is, but he’s just been acting up randomly. Could be because I’ve been sick and pretty out of it lately so maybe he’s just trying to get attention. I’m just glad it’s not his “norm” to be acting up like this.
I am feeling much better. Thank you to all those who wished me well and were praying for me. I’m still coughing some and my energy levels are pretty low, but I have been fever-free for awhile now and I think the pneumonia is gone.

I don’t really have much to write this time, so I’ll finish up with some family updates-

Tim- Tim has been doing great at his job and he seems to be enjoying it very much. He will be finishing up his master’s degree in May at Liberty University. He is doing great there too and is excited to be DONE! 🙂 He has been such a help to me in helping me to rest while I’ve been sick by doing cooking and cleaning. I sure married the best man ever!

Me- I’ve been feeling much better lately as I said before. Next month brings auditions for Tale of Two Cities which should be fun! I am taking a break from school for the time being to spend more time with the kiddos. It’s really difficult trying to give 100% to so many different things! I am also helping a friend plan her wedding for the end of April so that should be a lot of fun too!

Jadon- Jadon has been doing great on his new asthma medication. He still gets the pulmacort twice per day, but if he starts having issues, he uses the inhaler and it’s been working wonderfully for him. Originally when we got him tested for allergies about 2 years ago, he tested positive for allergies to dog saliva and rye grass. His asthma seems to be getting a little worse in the last few months so I am hoping to have him re-tested to see if anything new/different comes up. Other than that, he’s doing awesome.

Lilly- Is getting more and more of a vocabulary every day. Still working on the potty training thing. It’s been really “touch and go” with her in that area, but hopefully soon she will be ready to make the big step over into being a “big girl.” Lord knows I’m ready to be done changing her diapers. 🙂

Matthew- is doing great! He will be 6 months old tomorrow and has a doctor’s appointment on the 31st for his 6 mos check-up. He is almost sitting up all by himself and he is getting more and more interactive and playful with his siblings. Such fun! I am excited to break out the camera tomorrow for a 6 month shoot with him. He is such a happy, smiley boy and I can’t wait to continue watching him grow up. Sort of….part of me wants him to stay itty-bitty forever.

Hey there, if you think of it, a friend of mine and her mom sure could use some prayer right now. Her mom is pretty sick in the hospital and took a bad turn this morning so we are all praying for a miracle. Thanks!

Well that’s all for today.

Till Next Time,


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