Healthiness & Happiness

Dear Diary,

Well I suppose it’s been awhile since I’ve written. I’ve enjoyed my self-imposed “time off” to celebrate the holidays and spend time with my family and get pneumonia. Woo hoo!

So this last Thursday I had enough of the fever and dry cough which had been pestering me since Monday night and I decided to go into Urgent Care to see what was up. With the small amount of medical knowledge I already have, I had diagnosed myself with pneumonia. I walked in with the kids and planted them in the waiting room with the admonition to “sit still till I get back.” I carried Matthew up to the front desk to sign-in and looked back over my shoulder to check on the little minions. They smiled at me and waved while sitting swinging their legs which were dangling over the front of the chair. I smiled weakly and thought, “Thank goodness, so far so good.” I signed in and walked back into the waiting room to find them both still in the same spot, but chatting up an older lady who was there by herself. (You know how Jadon is with little old ladies… 🙂 ) I sat down and smiled at the kids who were being so well-behaved. I prayed it would last until Tim got there. Jadon said, “Um, hey Mom, can I please have my snack now, please?” I was a bit stunned at the use of not 1 but 2 “please”s in there and I said, “Sure buddy!” I leaned over to get the snack and Lilly got up and came and sat in the chair beside mine saying, “Mommy, I will sit still and eat my healthy snack and not spill.” She sat up straight with her hands on her lap, an expectant smile on her face. Okay, I was officially creeped out… I mean, my kids are well-behaved, but…. not this good. I had half a mind to tell the old lady who was watching our every move, “Uh, these aren’t really my kids, they are the Stepford children I take out in public with me.” Instead, I smiled at her and she said, “Are you the sick one? Those kids don’t seem sick at all to me.” I nodded and said, “Yep, but when Mama’s sick, everybody’s gotta come too.” She laughed and said, “Oh yes I know.” Just then a nurse poked his head in and called my name. I grabbed our things and summoned the kids who quietly grabbed their snack bags and followed me without a word. Okay, this was getting creepy. I felt like I was in the movie,  “Inception” just waiting on the dream level to collapse. I sat down in a chair and had the kids sit around me while the nurse asked me questions about my medical history and symptoms. Jadon asked lots of questions but never once interrupted the nurse. I was shocked. Lilly just sat quietly stuffing her face and Matthew just sat their cooing and smiling. Just as the nurse finished up and was about to take us to a room, Superman walked in. Aren’t I so blessed to have my own personal Superman who ALWAYS comes to save the day? He scooped up the kids and took them back out to the waiting room while I went to a room to wait to be seen by the doctor. Well the diagnosis was as I suspected, early pneumonia. He sent me home on antibiotics for the next few days. So I have been sitting around taking it easy over here trying to recuperate. I am feeling much better today than I did yesterday and certainly better than I did on Thursday. Hopefully I will make a fully recovery soon!

So in my bountiful basket this week I got kiwis. I love kiwis and was excited to share them with my kids who haven’t had them in a really long time if ever. Jadon liked them right off the bat, but my sweet picky princess was not a huge fan. We were having a hard time getting her to eat them. She asked what the little black thingys were in the kiwi. So I told her those healthiness and happiness. Her eyes widened and she got all excited. She began eating her kiwis and out of the corner of my eye I could see Tim shaking his head. She kept saying, “Yook! (Look!) I’m eating my healthiness and happiness!” I laughed and said, “Yep! Good job!” Soon she had eaten them “all gone” and was very proud of herself. I got up from the table and sauntered away with a wink at Tim. Mwahahaha…. my plan had worked.

Matthew is doing great with all the new foods he is getting. Yesterday, he ate pears for breakfast, a whole avocado for second breakfast, and green beans for lunch and dinner. And he liked them all. Yay! Making baby food is so much more fun than I ever thought it would be!

Some Q&A:

515. What do you want to change about the world? It’d be nice if people weren’t so materialistic and selfish.

516. Why did you decide to complete this survey? I thought it’d be fun! and it is!

517. Has anyone ever led you on? Yes, there have been some.

518. What was the last thing you did against your will? Nearly coughed up a lung.

519. What are your plans for the rest of today? Hanging out at home and helping Tim make some dinner for a friend of his who is coming over to visit tonight 🙂

520. How can you make tomorrow better than today was? By taking my meds.

521. Would you rather date someone 4 feet tall or 9 feet tall? Well the guy I’m married to feels 9 ft tall sometimes haha.

522. How often do you get jealous? Not often, I’m really happy with my life.

523. What is the one thing you do that your friends wish you didn’t? Not sure, I only really have one friend besides Tim who brings stuff like this to my attention, so it would probably be trying to take over a group effort… or saying the word, “Awesome” too much in conversation. haha.

524. Do you do any soul searching? Mine is too complex, haha I ask God because He already knows what’s going on there and He’ll tell me.

525. Do you believe you have a soul? Yes! I, in fact, have three…. the one which is at the core of my being and then one on the bottom of each f… oh wait, nevermind…. okay one. I just have one.

526. Would you rather have a child that is more confident or more curious? I have children that are equally both for the most part and I love it!

527. Are you a slave to love? No. I am not a slave to anything.

528. If you were going to write a bedtime story for someone you loved what would it be about? It would be a comedy about my life.

529. Does anyone understand you? Tim gets me the best of anyone.

530. Do you understand yourself? Ha! I wish!

Till Next Time,



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