Chicken Soup for the Soulmate

Dear Diary,

2:00pm- Tim went to bed feeling sick last night with a yucky throat and woke up this morning feeling even worse. But my trooper went to work anyway, so today I decided to make him something that would be easy on his throat: homemade chicken noodle soup! Have I ever made this before? No. Do I have ANY idea how to make it? Eh…guess we’ll find out when he tastes it! I decided to use some of the things I got in my bountiful basket this last week in the soup. I started off putting three frozen uncooked chicken breasts into my trusty friend, Crockpot. I poured 10 cups of chicken broth that I made with chicken bouillon over it. (I want to have a lot left over to freeze 🙂 ) and then I chopped up some basil, parsley and white onion and garlic to go into the soup. Those onions just about made my eyes melt right out of their sockets! The collard greens in the fridge were calling to me so I chopped up a few leaves and threw those in too.  My house smells so good! Like fresh herbs. I think I could get used to this eating healthy and cooking with green things 🙂 I am debating on whether or not to add zucchini later on. Closer to serving time, I plan on pulling apart the chicken breasts and adding some sliced potatoes. I have never tried to cook noodles in a crockpot before and don’t want to be too adventurous, haha, so I’ll cook those separately and then add them in last. Hopefully, the result will be a nice warm and soothing soup for my poor sick hubby when he gets home from work. My back-up plan? I’ve got tomato soup in a can in the pantry 🙂

6:07pm- Well, Tim came home tired and icky just as I thought he would. I feel so bad for him. I had dinner all ready and waiting. The soup turned out AMAZING! Tim and the kids and I all just loved it! Score!

I call it “Zucorken Soup” because it’s got zucchini, corn and chicken in it. 🙂 My friend Morgan suggested that I slice the zucchini julienne style and that worked perfectly! Good call, girl! I decided not to do the potatoes, I felt like it was hearty enough as it was and I was right! I have so much of it left over, I’m going to refrigerate it tonight and then bag it up to put into the freezer tomorrow!

After dinner, Tim went to go lay down and asked for a cup of green tea with honey. I made it for him, but by the time I went to bring it to him, the poor love was already asleep. So the kids are upstairs playing in the loft, Matthew will be waking from his nap soon to eat his dinner and Tim and I are downstairs listening to Norah Jones. Well, I am anyway 🙂 Such a cozy evening, everything is lamp lit in my living room right now. I love it that way in fall because the colors are so warm and calming to me. My house is clean, dinner was a success and Tim is resting peacefully and hey, for the first time is what seems like days, Jadon & Lilly are actually getting along! Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE being a housewife?? 🙂 It’s moments like these, when I feel like everything is going perfectly, (and believe me, there aren’t many! 🙂 ) where I think, where else would I rather be? Nowhere. What else would I rather be doing? Nothing. It makes all the crazy difficult and trying times in life so very worth it.

Questions and Answers Time!!! WOOT!

394. What is the worst fault a person can have? Oh gosh, I don’t know! I guess someone who puts on airs and decieves others and is dishonest.

395. Do you have it? I used to be that way, but I’ve tried very very hard to change that about myself.

396. Which do you think has more impact on a person’s character, genetics or environment? Environment

397. Who was your first best friend? Hmm…everyone was always considered to be my best friend. But probably my first real best friend was Tim. I know that sounds cheesy, but it’s the most functional relationship I’ve ever had. (which is good since I’m married to the guy 🙂  ) I also enjoy the relationships I have with my sisters and sisters-in-law. Love you, ladies! And Jenn Potts. She is true blue and I love that girl and her family.

398. If you are not best friends anymore, what came between you? Not applicable 🙂

399. Who have you read a biography about? Wow, a LOT of people actually. I love biographies and autobiographies. My favorite would be Laura Ingalls Wilder’s.

400. What would your own autobiography be called? “What Can I Do To Make You People Laugh??”

Till Next Time!



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