Has It Been a Year?

Dear Diary,

A year ago today at about this time of night, I was driving Tim to the ER for some pain we thought was caused by his back being “out”. Little did we know what was in store. After an x-ray, we found out Tim’s right lung was mostly collapsed and his chest cavity was full of blood. After a thoracostomy (chest tube) and a couple days in the hospital, they decided to do surgery to suction out the remaining blood, and to affix his lung to the wall of his chest cavity via a pleurodesis. As I researched this procedure the day before he was to have it done, I discovered that this was one of the most painful surgeries to have recover from. Essentially, they would be using the chemical equivalent of sandpaper against the wall of his chest cavity and stick his lung to it to prevent future collapses. He spent a day in ICU before being transferred to a regular recovery room and came home about a week after we started this whole ordeal. I just remember thinking, “Wow, this was just supposed to be back pain!” It was a crazy time. I was back and forth from the hospital to my parent’s house where the kids were staying, to our house to take care of Charlie and then back to the hospital again. Well, God carried all of us through that whole ordeal and Tim is fine now, with a couple of scars from the chest tube and the surgery. For awhile after, and still sometimes now, whenever Tim has any kind of pain in his upper back or chest, I freak out a little. I’m getting better about that though. I have a lot to be thankful for 🙂

Till Next Time,



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