Oooh I’m in Trouble…

Dear Diary,

Well after our trick or treating jaunt with our good friends the Potts and their adorable little kids was over, we wound up with a very very full grocery bag of candy. Ugh….why didn’t I wait to start this “healthy” thing until after the holidays?? Darn. Well, today I’ve already been eating unhealthy stuff. And what is my justification for this? “Well, I’m not cheating on my ‘1 soda per week’ (which I’ve already had) rule!” Pitiful. Yeah, I’m in trouble. It’s sad really, the things we say to ourselves to make it okay to pig out…haha. Well, I am keeping the kids diets relatively heathy though, they only had one piece each after lunch today. I think I’m going to throw out like 10 pieces every night after they are in bed so that it’s gone faster. One the other hand, I’ve been trying to use the candy to bribe my “un-potty-train-able” child Lilly, into using the “big girl” potty instead of her diaper. So far, it has been…unsuccessful. I guess when she’s ready, she’ll be ready. *sigh* I was looking forward to potty training her quick since I’ve always heard it’s easier with girls than boys, but…she must be the exception to that rule. (Thanks God) I love that Princess with all my heart, but Lordy, she does NOT want to be potty trained. I’ve tried everything I can think of save letting her run around without a diaper. We did that with Jadon for a little while, and he never had an accident, but he’s a little (okay a lot) more conscious of these things…Lilly? Not a clue, and right now, I am too tired to be cleaning up accidents off the floor all day. *sigh* I am in trouble. Well, so all day I’ve been telling Lilly, “If you go potty in the big girl potty, Mommy will give you 2 pieces of candy!” Her eyes light up, but nothing. So a few minutes ago, I was headed to the bathroom for my 30 seconds of solitude when I said, “Jadon, I’m gonna go potty, be good.” To which he replied with his hand on hip and looking at me out the top of his eyes, “Are you gonna get candy for that, Mom?” in a tone dripping with sarcasm. My kid was making fun of me. My 4 year old. And where on God’s green earth did my 4 year old learn sarcasm?!?!  So yeah, I’m in trouble. (Dad, I blame you…haha)

Well, I don’t have time today for more of my tips and tricks for being fab right now, so I’ll sign off for now, my sister is calling me to chat on Skype from NAU 🙂 bye!

Till Next Time!



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