Eww…So Gross…

Dear Diary,

So today I was up feeding Matthew at 5:30am and I was happy to snuggle back under the covers at 6:15am once I had put him back to bed. Took me awhile to get back to sleep and just as I was drifting off, I heard both kids stirring down the hall. I groaned and dragged myself out of bed and fumbled down the hall. Lilly had just woken up and Jadon was laying there awake. I decided to push my luck and tell them both to go back to sleep. Jadon rolled over and Lilly plopped her head back down. I noticed her sheet was all cattywompus and coming off the mattress so I went to fix it and found to my gagging horror that she had thrown-up during the night at some point and hadn’t cried or called or anything. She had just moved over and gone back to sleep. So yeah….nasty. It was everywhere, her clothes, her hair, her blankets, her pillow, her rug. Now I like to think I have a pretty solid stomach. Not much grosses me out, I can handle pretty much anything the human body can dish out…except vomit. There is nothing that turns me into a big fat wimp faster than vomit. It’s bad. So upon my discovery this morning, I had to keep swallowing hard to keep from getting sick myself. I gathered up all the soiled stuff and put it all into the wash. I called Tim who was on his way to work to get some sympathy and to let him know what a trooper I was being. He gave me the “atta girl” I was looking for and as I trudged back upstairs, I remembered the blissful moments I had last night with Matthew sleeping on me while I contemplated my absolute love of motherhood. Ugh…why does motherhood come with vomit duty? I put Lilly into the bath and got her “uncrusted” and then dried her off and put her back to bed. Both kids fell back asleep for about 30 minutes and I slept for about 20. In my dream, I was hiding from a HUGE hairy tarantula. So of course when I woke up, I felt worse and less rested than before. Today should be fun. I don’t think Lilly is sick, I think maybe dinner last night disagreed with her. Doesn’t seem like she’s thrown-up more than once. This is good because I am SO behind with planning and getting invites out for Jadon’s birthday party. I have to go get, fill out and send out invites today and get party stuff and go to the bank….busy day ahead. Well, I’ve gotta go feed Matthew and then we are heading out! Wish me luck! I may write another entry tonight about what is sure to be an interesting day today….

Till Next Time,


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