Carbs, Curves and Confidence

Dear Diary,

So right now I am sitting on the couch stuffing my face with carbs in the form of dinner rolls…and I don’t care. Not because my metabolism is so great that I can eat anything and it won’t effect me, my metabolism doesn’t quite work that way anymore after 3 kids. I’ve decided to live in the size I’m in. Of course I want to be healthy and fit, but I’m over the whole “trying to fit into size ” For awhile I kept all the pants that no longer fit me that I’ve had since highschool thinking, “Oh someday I’ll fit into them again.” I’ve come to the realization that I likely won’t and that’s okay. I’ve had 3 kids and now have some curves to show for it. And maybe if by some miracle I am back to the size 4 I used to be in highschool, I’ll just buy new pants. Besides, do you know how depressing it is to walk into your closet and see all the pants that don’t fit you?? Why put myself through the frustration? I want to love walking into my closet, not feel ashamed and insecure. So I bought pants I fit comfortably into. I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t exactly a fun thing to buy clothes that I truly fit in. But I didn’t look back and I’m glad. Besides, confidence is fabulous! I can’t feel confident in clothes I don’t fit in. It’s a process, this loving the body I’ve got, but I’m on my way.

Let’s do some Q&A, shall we??

345. If you had to choose the percentage of freedom vs. safety what ratio would you decide on (ex: 100% free 0% safe)? I suppose that would depend on your definition of freedom. I don’t like politics, but you all know I’m a Jesus Freak and through Him, I can be both 100% safe, and 100% free. Have you encountered this Jesus? He is amazing.

346. Does safety stifle you? Nope.

347. Who or what needs to be stopped? Hmmm…. stupid people should be stopped. πŸ™‚

348. Are human beings becoming more domesticated? Haha what?!?! Humans are not animals lol

349. Do you follow the lives of the British Royal Family? Uh no, not current ones anyway πŸ™‚

350. How did the death of Pope John Paul II ( affect you? I’m not catholic, so not to sound heartless, but it didn’t really affect me at all.

351. Have you ever lost something and never found it? Yep, my sanity haha. Kids will do that to you.

352. Do you listen to any talk radio shows? Nope

353. Who do you trust more, your friends or your parents? I trust my best friend (Tim) more than my parents, but they understand that πŸ™‚

354. Would you ever date someone outside of your race or religion? Well, I don’t really have to worry about that since I’m married, but if wasn’t, I have no problem dating outside my race. Outside my religion? It’s not that I hate others who don’t have the same religion as I do, but it would definately complicate things, so I would say no.

355. Which of the 7 deadly sins in the worst (gluttony, greed, pride, lust, envy, wrath, sloth)? Ehh….I think they are all equally bad.

356. Which one are you most guilty of? Well, tonight…gluttony πŸ™‚ haha rolls are sooooo yummy!

357. Are you afraid to be alone with yourself? I’m not a huge fan of being alone, but I’m not afraid of myself if that’s what you’re asking.

358. Would you venture to tell someone you loved him or her if they didn’t say it first? Sure!

359. What are you the most sensitive about? sadly, my appearance. I know, I know…shallow. But it’s the truth.

360. What can you talk about for hours? Anything. No seriously. AN-Y-THING. Yep. Anything. Get the picture?…No? Well, think of something…go! Now! Think of something, anything. Got it? Yep, that. I could talk about that for hours πŸ™‚ haha

361. Do you talk about yourself, other people, or ideas the most? depends on who I’m talking to. I’m trying hard to cut down on talking about other people, but gosh darn it, it can be so fun sometimes you know? But I try not to say things about people when they aren’t there, that I wouldn’t want to say to their face.

Till Next Time,



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