Rough Day Today…Ugh.

Dear T.J.

Today was pretty much horrible. I really didn’t sleep much last night because I kept hearing noises all night that kept me from fully falling asleep and then Matthew wanted to eat every 3 hours for some reason. Then when the kids woke up bright and early, they both woke up half-crying because they felt sick. Both had runny noses and Jadon has a sore throat. *sigh* All day they were so emotional, you know how they get when they are sick. It was bad. Also, both of them decided to pretty much ignore me all day and not listen me at all. Then they would have a total meltdown whenever I would try to correct them. Imust have wiped their noses about 1000 times today, I felt icky and covered in “sick ick.” I felt sick all day from being so tired and I think I’m coming down with a cold too. I hope not though. Matthew cried a lot today and didn’t want to sleep at all. I felt bad for him, I could tell he was so tired. Then during naptime, Jadon only slept for like 20 minutes and then woke up crying that he missed you and it was so pitiful. He cried off and on all afternoon and then Lilly decided she would join in the crying fest and then all 3 kids were crying, 2 because you aren’t here. Then i cried a little. Rough day. Tonight was better because I got to talk to you on Skype, you’re the best and I’m so glad to be married to you šŸ™‚ Well, I think I’m gonna head to bed here in a bit after I feed Matthew again and try to get some more sleep. I leave in 1 week to come visit you and I couldn’t be more excited! Love you!

Your Very Tired Wife,


One thought on “Rough Day Today…Ugh.

  1. awww…hang in there Hun…Dear Lord, help this time for Ashley and the kids speed up. Give them all a sense of comfort, rest, joy, peace, love, and all the good stuff Only YOU can surround them with in the best way. Take the place of Daddy’s arms and let Ashley feel You in a new and stronger way as she relies on You to get through. In Jesus name…AMEN!

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