Mushy Smushy Lovey Love

Don’t read if you’re easily nauseated 🙂 haha…. Tim went out and got a webcam today which was great because now we can talk “face to face” which despite what I thought, actually is nice and comforting.

Dearest Tim,

Well, we made it through Day 2. Not as much crying so far, although seeing you on Skype brought some on. It was so good to see your face though, I felt comforted some and hearing your voice is my favorite sound in the world. I am so glad you are not gone forever! I have the theme song from “Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That.” in my head… “GO GO GO GO! On an adventure, the ‘thingamajigger’ is up and awaaaay…” *sigh* the kids have been randomly singing it too all day so we’ve all perpetuated it some. It’s so funny that our kids are people. Little people, who have original ideas and opinions on stuff. It’s so fun to pick their brains! I’m truly in awe of them. Both in a good way and also in the way of why they think it’s a good idea to stuff paper in their ear, or to eat stuff off the floor, or why it seems appealing to step on and break everything:( Oi vey. I am very glad we’ve never quite “grown up” ourselves. It’s fun to play video games when we aren’t busy with school, and to make silly jr. high-esque jokes, and to sing very loudly in silly voices. I hope we never grow up. I’m finding myself with a lack of motivation to do school while you’re gone. You’re kind of my accountability in that area and when you’re not here,…well, I’m keeping up with my schoolwork, but not with the usual motivation I have. I’ll be glad when we can do homework in the office together again. It’s so fun watching our babies grow up. We have such beautiful children and I’m so glad to know you are every bit as in love with them as I am. They really are delicious babies aren’t they? Feels like Jadon is already so old at 3 (almost 4) and Lilly is such a little lady already (when her finger isn’t jammed up her nose) and Matthew, our babiest baby, is defying my wishes and ignoring my pleas to stay little just a little while longer. Sweet little man. He is such a plesant little guy to be around. He has a very calming effect on me. I hope that never goes away, I shall need one child with that power with the other two hooligans we have. Such wonderful babies, we are so blessed. I can’t wait to be in your arms and am so grateful and honored to be ever in your heart as you are in mine. You are my best friend and I love you with all my heart. Sleep well tonight my love.

Your Adoring Wifey,


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