Just an Ordinary Day

Dear Diary,

Today was nothing special. No great things happened, but nothing bad happened either. No funny little stories about the kids, no horror stories either. Today didn’t feel like a Friday, it felt like a nameless day. All this week, I’ve been feeling one day ahead of where I actually am, thinking all week, “Man I can’t wait till Friday.” Only to get to Friday and have it feel like “No-Day.” Not really a disappointment I guess, just a “blah” feeling. My parents left this morning for 2 weeks in Hawaii! Hopefully they are over there enjoying the plumerias, pineapples and sun. I think this is their first ever big trip (besides their honeymoon) with no children! How will they ever survive?!?! haha. Ahh well I am sure they will have a fun and restful time. So far my classes for school have been going pretty well. I have been finding it fairly easy to keep up with them so far. Hopefully I will continue to stay disciplined and focused. I had my very first paying photoshoot as a photographer last Saturday! It went really well, I had such a fun time and the thought kept occurring to me, “Wow! I am having SO much fun AND I am getting paid for this!!” Of course the mommy & son that I was photographing were adorable and very fun to work with. Hopefully the paying jobs will keep rolling in 🙂
The other day, someone said something kind of thoughtless to me about something that is a real sore spot for me. (I won’t say who or what) I really let it get to me more than I should have and instead of reaching out to Tim & God, I found a way to blame them both and gave both of them the “silent treatment.” I could tell Tim was confused and hurt but I was being awful and didn’t care…after all, someone had to pay for what was said. Obviously God was not confused by this and gently but firmly put me in my place. I apologized to Tim today and that wonderful man forgave me. Isn’t it wonderful to be forgiven? I feel so clean afterwards. Like the feeling you get after a nice cool shower on a hot sticky day. I think, being a oldest child, I like things to be fair. Generally this isn’t too bad, except for when I am wronged or when someone has done something wrong. I feel like there needs to be revenge or recompense of some sort. Even if it’s not to the person who wronged me, I still feel the need to punish someone. Obviously this does no one any good and doesn’t make me feel better in the end either. I need to work on letting God have all my grievances and problems and not feel like it’s up to me to deal out punishment. Forgiveness is usually easy to receive, but can be much harder to give. I want to do better. Next time, I will.

Question & Answer Time!!!

303. What do you feel controlled by? Sometimes, my children haha.

304. If Jesus appeared to you and told you that the moon was made of green cheese would you believe him? Absolutely! If Jesus told me the sky was red, I would believe Him and assume that my definition of red was wrong.

305. What is one thing you are sure of? That I will be spending my life eternally in Heaven with God. Are you sure? ….BE sure.

306. At what part of the day do you feel the most alert? Evening.

307. Have you ever played in a band? Yep

308. Have you ever stared into the ocean thinking ‘early creatures crawled outta that’? No. I don’t believe in evolution.

309. If not, what do you think of when you are staring into the ocean? I stare at the ocean thinking, “Why would I want to swim in water that has all that fish and whale (and probably human) excrement, vomit, decaying dead things and blood in it?!?!” (you’ll never look at the ocean the same will you? haha) No but really, I do love the ocean…I love to look at it and to paint it and take pictures of it. Swimming in it though? Not so much.

310. Do you like the mental challenge of chess or other games? I actually have never learned to play chess. Not because I haven’t had the opportunity, but because I lack desire. I enjoy the mental challenge of word games like: scrabble, balderdash and scattergories.

Till Next Time!



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