Adventures with the Krupniks

Dear Diary,

Boy do I love my little son Jadon, but sometimes I wish he had a mute button and I had the remote! This last weekend we woke up early on Saturday morning and were on the road to Flagstaff by 5:30am. We stopped at McDonald’s at the juction about halfway there to have some breakfast and take a potty break. Tim had taken Matthew out to the car to change his diaper after I had tried to feed him and I was scarffing down my breakfast and supervising Jadon & Lilly finishing their’s. Then my phone rings and it’s Tim saying a large tour bus had just pulled up, so we should go to the bathroom soon! I agreed, but had to wait until he came back in so that I wouldn’t have to carry all our stuff into the bathroom with us. The people from the tour bus began pouring into the McDonald’s and soon the line to the bathroom was getting longer and longer. They were all older ladies who were on some sort of group trip and didn’t seem to be in a rush to make this a quick thing. I groaned and slumped down in my chair. Tim came back inside with Matthew and I grabbed the other two kids and jumped into line. All the little old ladies were smiling at the kids and the lady directly behind us struck up a conversation with Jadon. Eventually she asked him where we were headed. “To Flagstaff!” He said proudly, “And you can come with us if you like.” he added. I chuckled and was just about to say, “Now Jadon, this nice lady has her own trip to go on, she can’t come with us.” When the lady blurted out, “Well thank you, I would LOVE to!” Jadon’s eyes lit up and he turned to me, “Mommy! She’s going to come with us!” I didn’t really know what to say so I just raised my eyebrows and smiled. “Yes, please promise things to my literal and persistent and repetitive child, who once you’re gone on your way, will be sad that you aren’t actually coming and then will keep asking why, why why why WHY?!?! Over and over!!” I thought to myself. Jadon proceeded to tell her all the fun things they could do, like playing on the playground, sleeping in the cabin, going for walks etc. and the little old lady just smiled and said she would love to join in on all the fun. Jadon really was thinking now that she was coming and I knew I was going to have a lot of explaining to do later. I looked ahead in line and realized we hadn’t really moved much. I sighed and looked down at the kids who were getting a little impatient, but still well-behaved and I wondered how long that would last. Jadon and that lady just kept conversing away. “Where are you folks from?” She asked me, “Phoenix?” I said, “Yeah, we are from Phoenix.” (no one who doesn’t live around Phoenix knows where Maricopa is, so I usually jsut say I live in Phoenix.) Jadon piped up quickly to correct me, “No, we live at Maricopa.” “Wow! That is very far!” said the lady, “I live in Avondale, so I live very far away too! How about you come visit me in Avondale and then I’ll come visit you in Maricopa?” Great. Now she was really digging me a very very deep hole to climb out of. Jadon jumped up and down, “Mommy! She’s coming to visit us at Maricopa!” I grinned tightlipped, resisting the urge to tell him that this nice little old lady was lying to him. Finally, we were at the front of the line and we let the lady go in front of us. As soon as she was out of sight, Jadon said, “Mom, where’s the old lady?” I shushed him and ushered him and Lilly into the bathroom stall that had just opened up. Once the door was closed, he said a little louder this time, “Mom! Where’s that old lady? Where’d she go?” I whispered, “Jadon, she’s in the bathroom and she’s not coming with us.” He stuck out his pouty lip, “But she has to come!” I was getting a little annoyed. “No Bug, she doesn’t. She is on her own trip, she isn’t coming with us.” He got quiet for a minute and I began changing Lilly’s diaper. Then all of the sudden he yelled, “Old Laaaaaady!! -Where is My old Lady, Mom? She has to come with us because she has to!” I shot him “the look” and hissed, “Jadon James you better be quiet in here and stop asking!” We finished up the potty breaks and all the way out of the bathroom, Jadon kept asking, “Where’s my old lady? Where is she? She has to come with us.” I made a beeline for the door and quickly got the kids out of there. Once we got out to Tim, I figured it would stop. I must have looked a bit frazzled because Tim asked, “Is everything okay?” I explained what happened and he laughed. It was time to get back on the road so we gathered up our stuff and headed for the parking lot. The whole way out, Jadon, now panicking a bit was asking, “Where’s my old lady?” She was nowhere to be found. We got to the car and I tried to explain that the little old lady had just been pretending, and that she wasn’t really coming with us. He looked bummed out, but quickly got over it and forgot all about her once we got on the road and Lilly was trying to take his pillow and books away.

Flagstaff was fun! It was not very relaxing, but it was fun. You learn pretty quickly I think, once you have kids that vacations where you take them along are no longer deemed relaxing. They are still a lot of fun and can be very enjoyable, but relaxing? HA! Forget it. My definition of “relaxing” now, is the 30 seconds I get when I close the door to go to the bathroom. That is my alone time, it’s just me and it’s nice and quiet…for about 30 seconds. I get about 30 seconds (if I’m lucky) before my kids start banging on the door thinking I’ve dissappeared or climbed out the window to retrieve my sanity. Of the few years they’ve been around and the many bathroom breaks I’ve taken, you would think they would learn that I always come back out of the bathroom. But no, they feel the need to make sure I’m still in there. Relaxation time, over.

I started school this week! I’m taking 3 music classes: Music Theory, Music Business: Mass media & Recording, and A Survey of Broadway Musicals. So far, it’s keeping me pretty busy, but I am enjoying it. Sadly though, it’s pretty much sucking the last of the free-time I had right up. I find it hard to believe that this semester I am: taking care of a house, 3 children, 3 classes, planning a birthday party for Jadon, finding time for a little photography, going to Disneyland in November and going shopping for Christmas presents. I think I will be needing a lot of bathroom breaks. For some reason this morning it hit me all at once, “I have  a lot on my plate right now!” then I thought, “Where can I get a bigger plate?!” *sigh* Thank God for His grace to help me manage it all and do it well.

Questions and Answers:

296. Are you trying to find yourself? Nope, I’ve already found myself…the trick now is constantly re-inventing myself…Like Madonna, only less cones and bodysuits involved 🙂

297. Where are you looking? Right now I am looking at both this computer screen and at these two ragamuffin hooligans next to me half buried in a pile of stuffed animals and randomly breaking into fights about who is sitting on or under which animal. Now the boy is standing and holding a giant teddy bear saying to the girl, “hey stand up and I will hit you with this!” …Oh wait, those are my kids, hold one, I better go intervene………………………………………..



Okay, I’m back…now where were we?

298. Are you sometimes afraid of being honest because you are afraid of hurting people’s feelings? Not often.

299. What would make you a stronger person? Probably working out more…

300. What book would you like to read sometime soon? I have, at this point in the game given up hope that I will ever have time to read anything besides school books until my kids themselves are in school…unless it’s something I’m reading to them.

Till Next Time,



One thought on “Adventures with the Krupniks

  1. OM Gosh…did I remember those bathroom break days of my young adult hood!!! Even the dog knew where to find me in less than 30 seconds! 🙂

    For all the reasons you cite above – I put the quietus on camping…no fun for Mama at all. Well, fun yes, but NOT relaxing.

    Thanks for the laughs! Yeah, you got me! 🙂 I love you, Smidgen!

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