Friday the 13th…dun dun DUN!

Dear Diary,

Today it is Friday the 13th. I know a lot of people who are superstitious about this, but not me! Great things happen to me on Friday the 13th. The first time I really noticed this was in highschool when I was a junior. The day before Valentine’s Day, which was Friday, Feb. 13th, Tim told me he liked me 🙂 Ever since then, I have never looked at Friday the 13th as holding bad luck. Of course that particular Friday stands out in my mind, but I know good things have happened to me on these days since then. So today I am expecting the best!

Yesterday I went out shopping with all 3 of my little ducks all by myself! We needed to go to Target and get a new changing pad for Matthew. I have a double doctor’s appointment next Friday for Lilly and Matthew to get check-ups so I figured I should have a “trial run” with all 3 before then. Well, we went to a Target next to the mall and as we pulled up, Jadon asks, “Hey Mom, if I’m a good boy at Target, can we go to the mall and play at the playplace?” I said, “Bug, if you’re a good boy in Target, we’ll talk about it once we get back in the car.” I had put my wrap on before we left the house so I could just take Matthew out of his carseat and put him in it. He was already asleep when we got to Target and I was pleasantly surprised to find that he did not wake up when I put him into the wrap. He snuggled up close to me and slept away! I got the other two kids out of the car and decided since I had 2 hands and this was to be a short trip, I would skip the shopping cart and just hold their hands. Well, this went pretty well actually! We went in and got what we needed and made our way to the cashier. Jadon proceeded to explain to the cashier who was and older lady why we needed a changing pad, and that it was for the new baby…who’s name is Matthew…who is his brother…whom he loves. I painted on a very patient smile and nicely “shushed” Jadon when I saw that the lady was pretty overwhelmed by all this information. Guess she didn’t mind too much though because she asked to see Matthew and then gave Jadon and Lilly stickers. I am sure the entire store heard my children’s exclamations of glee when they received the stickers. What is it about stickers that gets kids so darn excited? And with my kids, it’s not just, “Oh a sticker! Thanks!” and that’s it… no no no… it’s more like, “OH MY GOODNESS!! A STICKER! I LOVE STICKERS, THEY ARE MY FAVORITE! MOMMY LOOK! I GOTTA STICKER! MOM THE LADY GAVE ME A STICKER, WASN”T THAT SO NICE OF HER? CAN YOU PUT IT ON NOW? OH MY GOODNESS!! A STICKER! I LOVE STICKERS, THEY ARE MY FAVORITE! MOMMY LOOK! I GOTTA STICKER! MOM THE LADY GAVE ME A STICKER, WASN”T THAT SO NICE OF HER? CAN YOU PUT IT ON NOW? OH MY GOODNESS!! A STICKER! I LOVE STICKERS, THEY ARE MY FAVORITE! MOMMY LOOK! I GOTTA STICKER! MOM THE LADY GAVE ME A STICKER, WASN”T THAT SO NICE OF HER? CAN YOU PUT IT ON NOW?” (You may think I’m kidding, but no…I’m not kidding) So with my “patient smile” still pasted solidly to my face, I did my best to usher these “broken records” to the side and out of the way so I could help them put on their stickers. “Mommy, I was SUCH a good boy in the store today!” Jadon reminded me. I agreed that he certainly had been a good boy and that we would talk about what were going to do once we got into the car. Once we were all in the car with the AC blasting, both kids again mentioned that they would like to go to the playplace at the mall. This of course came as a shock to me since I guess I had missed this vital piece of information the first 50 times they announced it. We had some time before Matthew was going to need to eat again, so feeling adventurous, I consented and began driving toward the mall. Jadon felt compelled to tell me how to get there as well since apparently, we’ve never been to said playplace before. (more sarcasm) Haha. He really has my personality, it scares me sometimes. 🙂 It was 11:20am on a Thursday and I figured the playplace would be nearly empty, but as we pulled up to the pretty full parking lot near the entrance to Barnes & Noble, I began to suspect I was not the only mother who had given in and decided to take her offspring to the playplace. I put Matthew back into the wrap and got the kids back out of the car and we began the trek to the entrance. Poor Matthew, his wrap is black and he and I both were getting hot. I figured it would be nice and cool inside the mall and I was looking forward to that! As we walked up to the playplace, I groaned as I found about 5 million other children running around in the play area. But promises are promises, so we went inside and I found a place to sit next to some parents who were all there together talking about annoying problems that aren’t really problems, like deciding where to go on vacation, or the fact that they just had too much money or something like that. Yes, I eavesdropped. On the other side of me was a mom and her little son and daughter who was probably 10 or 11. The daughter was very upset since she had just discovered that she had lost $40 somewhere in the mall. I thought to myself, “Had I found that $40, would I have thought to turn it in to customer service? or would I have picked it up and just thought, “Wow, thanks God! This must be my lucky day!”” Hmmm… interesting thoughts. I know my first instinct would not be to turn it in, but after seeing the crushed look on this poor girl’s face, I decided it wouldn’t have been right to keep it. My kids ran around the playplace mostly keeping to themselves and Matthew and I tried to cool off a bit, but because there were so many people around, it was pretty warm so after about 25 minutes, I decided we needed to get back into the AC in the car. Everything was going great until we got to Barnes & Noble where we were parked outside. As we entered the store, I said something to the kids that made Jadon upset. I don’t remember what it was, I think I mentioned that it was going to be naptime after we got home and ate lunch. Whatever it was, it didn’t sit well with Jadon who began protesting louder and louder. I promised consequences when we got home and that seemed to get him back into line…sort of. Ehh, the morning wasn’t too bad!

In case you are wondering where Part 2 of my PSA is, it’s almost finished and hopefully will show up here on Monday! 🙂 Thanks again for all the positive feedback so far!

Till Next Time,



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